Economic Development Fast Track Legislation

Consideration of Fast Track legislation, at a committee of reference or a City Council meeting, will always be preceded by an opportunity for the public to comment on the same.

In Session Meetings

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Pending Legislation 



Prior 2019 Legislation

RESO Auth Economic Dev Agreemt with "Project Danville" to Support Expansion of Company's Operations in Jax; Recommend Apv by Fla Dept of Economic Opportunity as a QTI Business with High Impact Sector Bonus, Pursuant to Sections 288.106-108, F.S.; Evidence City's Local Financial Support of $52,200 under QTI Tax Refund Prog Payable over multiple years per guidelines set by the State Dept of Economic Opportunity with State Match of $208,800 for Total of City & State QTI of $261,000 for 87 Jobs; Designate Oversight by OED; Timeline for Execution of Agreemt by Company; Affirm Proj's Compliance with Public Investmt Policy; Request 2-Reading Passage. (Sawyer) (Req of Mayor)
RESO Approp $100,000 from Northwest Jax Economic Dev Fund (NWJEDF) Misc Sales to Subsidies & Contributions to Private Organizations, to Preferred Freezer Svcs of Jax II, LLC for Purpose of Providing NW Jax Business Infrastructure Grant (The Big Grant) to support creation of Company's Operations and Constrn of a new Warehouse & Distro Facility in Jax, FL located on a Greenfield Site along Doolittle Rd at North Ellis Rd in Northwest Jax; Auth REV Grant of $1,100,000 providing for carryover of funds for the Big Grant from yr to yr until such funds are expended or lapse according to the Economic Dev Agreemt with City; Designate Oversight by OED; Affirm Proj's Compliance with Public Investmt Policy; Request 2-Reading Passage. (Lotzia) (Req of Mayor)

Prior Years Legislation


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