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City of Jacksonville
The City Council is the legislative body of the City of Jacksonville's consolidated government and is responsible for voting on the ordinances and resolutions that govern our way of life. These 19 Council Members, who are elected to four-year terms and serve as part-time legislators, have power to enact legislation in order to provide for the needs of our community. Learn more at the City Council webpage.

Public Notices

Get information on upcoming City Council meetings, committee meetings and other noticed meetings and events.

Council Committees, Boards & Commissions

View webpages for standing, special, ad hoc, and past committee pages.

City Council Email

To view the internal email received by the "Council as a Whole" for the last two weeks, click the below link. Best viewed in Internet Explorer and requires Adobe Acrobat Viewer.

Watch In Session City Council Meetings Online

Please click the following link to view live streaming video of Jacksonville City Council meetings, when in session, in the Council Chamber. 

Past Meetings - Video Archive

To view past City Council or Committee meetings, click the appropriate YEAR link below:

2018 Meeting Video 
2017 Meeting Video 
2016 Meeting Video 
2015 Meeting Video 
2014 Meeting Video
2013 Meeting Video 
2012 Meeting Video 
2011 Meeting Video 
2010 Meeting Video
2009 Meeting Video

Agendas, Matters Pending and Minutes

Bill Search & Ordinance Code

Public Records Request

Requests for records related to City Council will be facilitated by the City Council Secretary at (904) 630-1452 or CLBrown@coj.net. For DVD or CD meeting copies please contact the Legislative Services Division at (904) 630-1404.

Budget Information

View notices, Handouts, Minutes and Video of all meetings of the Council regarding the budget process.

Lobbyist Registry

Gift Disclosure Registry

Sunshine Training

View Council Member Sunshine Training compliance.