Advisory Boards and Commissions
Legislative Authority: Exec Order 98-214; 03-01

Total Members: 16

Committee Duties: Mayor makes 5 appointments; State Attorney makes 3 appointments; sheriff makes 3 appointments; commanding officer NAS makes 1 appointment; chief judge makes 1 appointment; DCSB superintendent makes 1 appointment; executive director of Hubbard House makes 1 appointment; executive director of the Women's Center makes 1 appointment. The Council will be an advisory body to the Adult Sexual Assault Task Force. The Council will provide oversight and coordination of the community’s response to the crime of sexual assault. The Council will assure the integration of services and programs for sexual assault victims. The Council will also implement the recommendations of the Adult Sexual Assault Task Force.

Meeting Date: (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)

Committee Members:

Name Category
Hackney, Thomas Sheriff 2 - JSO Chief
Marcie, Scott SAAC 1
Meili, Trisha Survivor - appt by Council
Meyer, Elizabeth Disabled Services
Mizrahi, Alan State Attorney 2 yr- Special Assistant Unit Direct
Mooney, Julie US Navy Representative
Oldham, Johnny Sheriff 1 -JSO Crimes Lieutenant
Tanner, Sharon Howard Chief Judge designee
Turk, Angela DCPS Representative
Vaughn, Tina SAAC 2
Webb, Shirley Women's Center
Weldon, Jennifer Council-at-large
Wesely, Dr. Jennifer K. JSO 2 year
Whitman, Stacey
Hubbard House

Contact Staff:

Name Position Phone Email
Ashanta Barker, Terrance   (904) 255-7245
Braun, John BHS Manager (904) 588-0204