Independent Boards and Agencies
Legislative Authority: Article 21, Charter

Total Members: 7

Committee Duties: Mayor makes 7 appointments. JEA is authorized to own, manage and operate a utilities system within and without the City of Jacksonville. JEA is created for the express purpose of acquiring, constructing, operating, financing and otherwise have plenary authority with respect to electric, water, sewer, natural gas and such other utility systems as may be under its control now or in the future.

Meeting Date: (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.) Visit the JEA website for more information

Committee Members:

Name Category
Anderson, Greg City Coucil
Kesler, Delores Pass Mayor 01
Cumber, Husein A. Mayor 02
Flanagan, Kelly Mayor 03
Howard, G. Alan Mayor 04
Newbill, Sr., Frederick D. Mayor 05
Petway, Tom Mayor 06

Contact Staff:

Name Position Phone Email
Charleroy, Melissa M. Exec Assistant to Paul McElroy (904) 665-7550
McElroy, Paul CEO (904) 665-7550