The Lex Hester Memorial Scholarship Review Committee was created by Ordinance 2002-671-E and Executive Order 2018-03 in memory of former City of Jacksonville Chief Administrative Officer, Lewis Alexander (Lex) Hester. The committee is charged with disbursing funds from the interest earned on the trust fund account to deserving and qualified University of North Florida students seeking careers in public administration. 

Committee Members

  • Sam Mousa, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Jacksonville - chair
  • Tracey Hester Flynn, Hester family member
  • James Croft, Senior Public Affairs Officer, City of Jacksonville
  • Justin Damiano, Director of Government Affairs, JAXPORT
  • Dr. Charles Moreland, Director of Community Affairs, City of Jacksonville
  • Kristen Reed, Chief of Community Planning, Planning & Development Department, City of Jacksonville
  • Shari Shuman, Vice President of Administration & Finance, University of North Florida
Committee Staff: Marlene Russell, (904) 630-7232,

Meeting Information


Meeting Date


Jan. 25, 2019 Notice
Oct. 23, 2018 Notice, Agenda & Minutes

Scholarship Application Process

To be eligible for the scholarship, all applicants must complete the online form below, including an essay response to the provided questions and a letter of recommendation. All submissions will be evaluated by the Lex Hester Memorial Scholarship Review Committee, who will provide award recommendations to the Mayor. The scholarship must be used for tuition and fee expenses only for the Master of Public Administration Program at the University of North Florida. There will be no reimbursement of residual funds.

Online Application

Applicant Information

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Check the box to confirm that you are a resident of Duval County.
Check the box if you intend to pursue a career in public administration.
Check the box to certify that you will not be receiving tuition reimbursement from your employer or any other entity.
Check the box if you agree to provide proof of acceptance, or current enrollment in, the UNF MPA program at the time of scholarship award. *Awardees must show proof at time of scholarship acceptance.
Check the box if you were previously received a Lex Hester Memorial Scholarship award.
*If applicable

Reference Information

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Essay Response

Upload a written response in essay format (.doc) to the following questions:

Why did you choose this course of study?
Why is public service important?
Why are public administration studies important?
Why is the Scholarship important?
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