Some children experience stress in their families, schools or neighborhoods that puts them at risk for school failure, anti-social or criminal behavior, or serious mental illness. Other children have needs that require specialized services which can be expensive and hard to find.

That's why the Jacksonville Children's Commission funds high-quality early intervention programs, as well as services for children with special needs. Early intervention programs can help children and young people cope with difficult circumstances and provide the extra assistance they need to be successful in school. The Commission also partners with organizations in the community to provide mentors for children who can benefit from the one-on-one support of a caring adult. Finally, the Commission supports programs to assist children and families dealing with a range of special needs, such as homelessness, mental illness or developmental and physical disabilities.


Mental Health Services

Full Service Schools
The Full Service Schools are a remarkable partnership of the United Way of Northeast Florida, the Jacksonville Children's Commission, the Duval County School District, and other care and family support providers. These schools provide services to any child residing in the surrounding neighborhoods and have staff on-site to provide comprehensive social and educational services, as well as limited medical services for students, families and the community.

Sites include:
Englewood High School
Englewood Family Resource Center
4412 Barnes Road
Jacksonville, FL 32207
(904) 730-6289

Fletcher High School
Beaches Resource Center
700 Seagate Ave.
Neptune Beach, FL 32266
(904) 270-8200

Andrew Jackson High School
Greater Springfield Resource Center
3816 Main St.
Jacksonville, FL 32206
(904) 348-7388

Annie R. Morgan Elementary School
Paxon Family Resource Center
964 St. Clair St.
Jacksonville, FL 32254
(904) 348-7578

Oak Hill Elementary School
Westside Resource Center
6910 Daughtry Blvd. S.
Jacksonville, FL 32210
(904) 390-3284

Terry Parker High School
Arlington Family Resource Center
8015 Parker School Road
Jacksonville, FL 32211
(904) 858-1955

Ribault High School
Ribault Family Resource Center
3701 Winton Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32208
(904) 390-4019

Sandalwood High School
Sandalwood Family Resource Center
2750 John Prom Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32246
(904) 348-7553

Northwest Behavioral Services
Outpatient Services
2400 N. Edgewood Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32254
(904) 781-0600
Outpatient counseling, case management, and psychiatric services are provided to children and their families, in addition to in-home parent training for caregivers.

Child Guidance Center
Outpatient Services Program
Main Office/Southside Location
5776 St. Augustine Road
Jacksonville, FL 32207
(904) 448-4700
This organization provides behavioral health counseling and treatment services for children from birth to 18 and their families.


Other sites include:
Arlington/Beaches Office
1100 Cesery Blvd., Ste. 100
Jacksonville, FL 32211
(904) 745-3070

Northside Office
1110 Edgewood Ave. W.
Jacksonville, FL 32208
(904) 924-1550

Westside Office
6316 San Juan Ave., Ste. 41
Jacksonville, FL 32210
(904) 783-2579

Health Insurance for Children

Florida KidCare
(888) 540-5437 Customer Service and Questions
Call (904) 723-5422 Ext. 123 for help with the application
Do your children need health insurance coverage? Florida KidCare is a state health insurance program serving children from birth through age 18 who do not have other insurance. Eligibility for Florida KidCare, as well as Medicaid, is based on income and family size. Many non-citizen children are eligible. Visit the website above to download a KidCare application.

Developmental Screening
Jacksonville Children's Commission
1095 A. Philip Randolph Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32206
(904) 630-3647
Receiving child care tuition assistance for a child under 5? If so, the Jacksonville Children's Commission will also provide free developmental screening to help identify vision problems or developmental delays that may interfere with your child's success in school. Early detection of such problems can be crucial to successful learning and development.

Intervention Programs

Alternatives to Out of School Suspension
Out of School Suspension Centers
If your child has been suspended for conduct violations and is unable to attend school for up to 10 days, these centers provide a safe and educational alternative to staying home or roaming the neighborhood. Centers provide a way for youth to keep up with their class work, homework and tests and get extra case management, special education or mental health services if needed. Most of all, they offer an alternative to unsupervised days out of school, giving parents the peace of mind that comes from knowing their kids are engaged in safe, productive activities.

Sites include:
Beaches Boys & Girls Club
820 Seagate Ave.
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
(904) 249-3588

The Bridge of Northeast Florida, Inc.
1824 Pearl St.
Jacksonville, FL 32206
(904) 354-7779

Frank H. Peterson Academies of Technology
7450 Wilson Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32210
(904) 390-2476

Southside Middle School
2948 Knights Lane E.
Jacksonville, FL 32216
(904) 390-2476

St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church of Jacksonville
3738 Winton Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32208
(904) 768-7112

Bridge Connection I
The Bridge of Northeast Florida
1824 Pearl St.
Jacksonville, FL 32206
(904) 354-7799
This teen pregnancy prevention program offers case management and health education services to at-risk young people ages 9-15 at The Bridge and other youth-serving agencies.

PACE Center for Girls
2933 University Blvd. N.
Jacksonville, FL 32211
(904) 448-8002
This non-residential therapeutic prevention and intervention program serves as an alternative school for girls who have not been successful in the public school system. PACE (Practical Academic Cultural Educational) provides young women with an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training and advocacy.

Youth Crisis Center (YCC)
3015 Parental Home Road
Jacksonville, FL 32216
(904) 720-0002

Programs are offered at these locations:
Family Connections
(904) 496-4932
The YCC strives to prevent and/or reduce juvenile delinquency and promote healthy family functioning by providing crisis prevention, short-term residential care for troubled youth, and counseling for families in crisis.

Project Second Chance
(904) 720-0002
Operated by the YCC, Project Second Chance is an early intervention/prevention program that provides counseling and case management for young people at risk of academic failure and/or juvenile delinquency. Clients may be referred by the State Attorney, the Public Defender's Office or the courts. Parents, teachers and Full Service School officials may also make referrals. In addition to therapy and case management, youths may be provided with vocational training or assessment.