Legislative Authority: ORD 2012-364-E; Chapter 55, Part 3, Ordinance Code

Total Members: 9

Committee Duties: The sole development and community redevelopment agencey for Downtown, as defined by Sec. 55.305, Ordinance Code, for the City of Jacksonville pursuant to Chpt. 163, Part III, F.S., as amended.

Meeting Date: Monthly, 3rd Wednesday @ 2:00 p.m. 117 W. Duval Street, City Hall, St. James Building, Don Davis Room Room, 1st Floor Schedule subject to change. (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.) Contact Karen Underwood at (904) 630-3492 or at karenu@coj.net to confirm meeting dates and times. 

Committee Members:

Name Category
Anderson, Greg City Council 01
Bailey, Jim (Chair) Northbank CRA - Business
Barakat, Oliver J. Real Estate
Durden, Brenna M. Urban Planner
Gaffney, Reggie City Council 02
Gibbs, Craig A. Southbank CRA
Grey, Dane Northbank CRA - Busines
Happer Williams, Kay Practicing Attorney
Meek, Jr., Jack L. Banking/Finance
Moody, Ron Southbank CRA - Resident
Padgett, Marc Busines Mgmt. Experience

Contact Staff:

Name Position Phone Email
Crawford, Paul R. Deputy Director, OED (904) 630-7063 paulc@coj.net
Underwood, Karen P.   (904) 630-3492 KarenU@coj.net
Wallace, Aundra CEO (904) 630-3487 awallace@coj.net

Business Investment and Development Plan

Proposal for Jacksonville Shipyards

Meeting Minutes and Audio Recordings

  • DIA Regular Board Meeting- May 27,2015 - Meeting Minutes (PDF 251KB)
  • DIA REP Committee- May 19, 2015 - Meeting Minutes (PDF 192KB)
  • DIA Special Meeting- May 07,2015 - Meeting Minutes (PDF 240KB)
  • DIA Regular Board Meeting- April 30, 2015 - Meeting Minutes (PDF 262KB)
  • DIA Evaluation Committee Meeting- April 16, 2015 - Meeting Minutes (PDF 160KB)
  • DIA Special Meeting- April 6, 2015 - Meeting Minutes (PDF 530K)
  • DIA Regular Meeting- March 25, 2015 - Meeting Minutes (PDF 3,434k)
  • DIA Retail Enhancement Committee Meeting- March 11, 2015 - Meeting Minutes (PDF 2,472k)
  • DIA Special Meeting- March 6, 2015 - Meeting Minutes ( PDF 511k)
  • DIA Retail Enhancement Committee Meeting- February 12, 2015 - Meeting Minutes (PDF 5,162k)
  • DIA Regular Meeting- January 28, 2015 - Meeting Minutes (PDF 7,577k)
  • DIA Retail Enhancement Committee Meeting - January 7, 2015 - Meeting Minutes (PDF 202k)



Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) Plans