Ethics Commission


The Jacksonville Ethics Commission deliberates at its January 14, 2014 meeting in City Hall.
'Government is a trust, and the officers of the government are trustees; and both the trust and trustees are created for the benefit of the people.'
Henry Clay, American Statesman, Lexington, Kentucky, May 16, 1829

Purpose: To provide a local forum for consideration and investigation of ethical problems and issues.

The Ethics Commission conducts monthly meetings open to the public. See the link to “Notices, Agendas & Minutes” for dates and times.

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In 1992, the City Council passed an ordinance creating the Jacksonville Ethics Commission. With the State of Florida's Commission on Ethics and city ethics ordinances, a local Commission brings a valuable service to city officers and employees by providing a forum for consideration of ethics problems and questions.

In 2002, the Public Information Office produced an award-winning 29-minute video that continues to be used to train all new City of Jacksonville employees. View the video.

Internal Operating Procedures of the Commission Adopted Aug. 25, 2010, Amended Jan. 13, 2014.


Current Officers

Brian Aull, Chair
John Hartley, Vice-Chair
Carla Miller, Executive Director of Office of Ethics, Compliance and Oversight
Kirby Oberdorfer, Deputy Director of Office of Ethics, Compliance and Oversight
Cherry Shaw, Office of General Counsel, Adviser



(904) 630-4747