How to File:
You may call the JHRC at (904) 255-5397 and request an Employment Assessment Questionnaire to be mailed, facsimiled (faxed) or e-mailed to you for completion. You may also complete and submit an Employment Assessment Questionnaire online. Your completed questionnaire will be assigned to a Equal Opportunity Specialist who will contact you to discuss the information provided and determine whether there is sufficient information to file a charge. If there is sufficient information to file a charge, an appointment will be scheduled for you to complete the assessment process and sign the appropriate forms and documents.

You may complete an Employment Assessment Questionnaire  in the JHRC office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:40 p.m.; Monday through Friday (except legal holidays).

Jacksonville Human Rights Commission
117 West Duval Street, Suite 350
City Hall, St. James Building
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Telephone: (904) 255-5397
Facsimile: (904) 255-5385

What to Expect and Bring:

  • Parking is available by meter on a first come first serve basis. The meters accept quarters only for 30 minute intervals up to either 1 hour or 2 hours of parking depending upon the location of the meter.
  • There are various parking facilities around City Hall, including, but not limited to, the Jacksonville Public Library parking garage located on the corner of Duval Street and Main Street at a cost of $3.00 for the first hour and a maximum of $10.00 per day. Enter the facility from Duval Street. Please feel free to explore other options deemed more suitable to your needs.
  • A valid form of photo identification is required (state issued identification card or driver's license, military identification, passport issued by an appropriate authority, etc…).
  • Provide any documentation in your possession that supports your charge of discrimination (disciplinary notices, performance evaluations, medical disability-related documents, as appropriate).
  • You will be expected to decide whether your charge of discrimination goes through JHRC's mediation or investigative process.
  • Mediation will be scheduled within 15 to 30 days of a charge being filed.
  • The Commission's investigative process typically takes a minimum of 180 days to complete.