According to City Ordinance 2004-602, section 126.609(b), all certified JSEBs are required to obtain 20 Points of continuing education and training for every year of certification.
The JSEB Continuing Education Program provides our certified small businesses with business training, counseling and mentoring opportunities required for the growth and development of their business. Points towards recertification with the JSEB Program may be obtained in the following areas:

Professional Licensure Maintenance Courses

Usually required by their profession, vendors will receive points by completing their CEUs or Professional Development Units (PDUs). (Every 2 hrs - 5pts)


Workshops, courses, seminars and/or convention trainings must all be trade and/or business related. Training must be at least two (2) hours in length per class. (Every 2hrs - 5pts)

Online Training

(Example: or
Online training workshops must be trade and/or business related and at least one hour in length. Training must be properly documented by taking screenshots throughout workshop.
((1) one hour online course - 2pts)

Business Counseling

Business counseling must be trade and/or business related. Counseling must be with a qualified business counselor/analyst and be at least one (1) hour in length. (Every 1hr - 2pts)
*If there is a cost associated with any of the above mentioned education opportunities, additional points may be added based on individual evaluation.*

JSEB CEU Completion Form

In an effort to effectively track the recertification credits, we have designed a completion form for your use.  Information on workshops, seminars or other professional continuing education should be listed on the completion form. This form needs to be completed and submitted along with copies of your certification of completion and your recertification application, annually.

JSEB Training Providers 

Vendors can receive training through any trade or professional associations or organizations, online classes or from a variety of educational sources offering business training. The below listed are examples of organizations and JSEB partners where continuing education points may be obtained: 
  • City of Jacksonville   
  • Beaver Street Enterprise Center  
  • Small Business Development Center at UNF  
  • Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce Small Business Center
  • Northeast Florida Safety Council  
  • Small Business Administration – North Florida District Office
  • Real$ense