Legislation 2015-519, enacted by Council to amend Chapter 122 (Public Property), Section 122.461 (Donation for Residential Housing), Ordinance Code, provides city-owned parcels for donation to qualified entities and provides additional criteria for those entities accepting donation of property(-ies); and provides procedures to evaluate projects by eligible entities for donation of properties for residential affordable housing pursuant to the code.  After a nine-month donation period, the first thirty (30) days is for certified Community Housing Development Organizations, Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville, and Habitat for Humanity Beaches to review/request a maximum of five (5) properties for the development of affordable housing. The remaining eight months will be open to all other qualified entities for review/request of available residential parcels.  Any remaining parcels after the nine-month donation period will be available for auction during an established period through Real Estate Division. 
This link provides the list of City of Jacksonville-owned parcels zoned for residential use. Property Donation List
For more information, please contact the Housing and Community Development Division at (904) 255-8200.