Local Emergency Management officials will determine which shelters will be opened during an incident and will communicate this information through the media, social media and the JaxReady App.  Before going to a shelter, be sure to secure your home and eat something if time permits.  It is important to note that a shelter is a place of safety for those whose homes are unsafe. There is very little privacy in a shelter, and the conditions are often crowded. No smoking, firearms, weapons, or alcohol is permitted in ANY shelter.  To download our Evacuation Shelter brochure click here

The general population shelters are managed by the American Red Cross.  These shelters are open to everyone and filed on a first served basis.  

Animal Care and Protective Services facilitates the pet-friendly shelters. For more information regarding Pet Friendly Shelters, visit our pet friendly shelter page.  It is important to remember that reptiles will not be accepted at pet-friendly shelters

Duval County Health Department is responsible for Special Needs Shelters. Individuals going to special needs shelters must pre-register with the Duval County Emergency Management. If needed, transportation will be provided for those who pre-register.  For more information visit our Special Needs Shelters page.