Storm Surge Zones & Evacuation Routes

Note: Storm surge zones (hurricane evacuation zones) are not the same as flood zones.

Interactive Storm Surge Evacuation Map

The storm surge map above gives a general indication of the extent of flooding that might be experienced from various hurricane categories. The flooding depicted is a worst case, all direction storm scenario. In other words, surge is estimated based on storms approaching the region from the North, South, East, West. The surge map does not indicate depth of flooding, nor does it take into account flooding caused by wave action or the heavy rainfall that accompanies a hurricane. The amount of inundation is also dependent upon variations in low tide or high tide conditions.

Hurricane surge maps are quite different than the FEMA 100-Year Flood Insurance Maps. 100-year flood maps are extremely conservative in comparison to hurricane tidal surge maps. If you are vulnerable to hurricane tidal surge flooding and/or 100-year flood events, you should consider purchasing flood insurance. You do not have to be within the 100-year flood plain to be impacted by hurricane tidal surge flooding! To learn more about flood insurance, visit or contact your insurance provider.

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