City's Public Works Team Continues Post-Storm Efforts

October 08, 2016  

Citizen support and patience needed for efficiency

In Hurricane Matthew’s aftermath, the City of Jacksonville Public Works department is working diligently to respond to citizens needs. To date, the department has addressed 81 stormwater related issues, 405 tree issues and 147 malfunctioning traffic signals (citizens are reminded to treat malfunctioning traffic lights as 4-way stops). Public Works, collaboratively with JEA, is working to restore traffic control signals which are dependent on the availability of power. Additionally, stormwater crews are checking drainage systems in low-lying areas to identify and remove blockages that may be causing retention of floodwaters. The City will also deploy an increased number of street sweepers beginning Sunday, Oct. 9 through Saturday, Oct. 15. Citizens are encouraged to support Public Works’ efforts to ensure efficiency and timeliness by:

  • Reporting storm-related problems to 630-CITY or Please refrain from requesting routine maintenance and services until the immediate storm response efforts are complete. It is important to select the issue description that best describes the problem so the ticket will be accurately routed and handled.
  • Beware of door-to-door solicitations for assistance with tree or home repair.  Use only licensed and insured contractors and tree surgeons.
  • It is a violation of city code for contractors to leave debris from private property on the curb for the City to collect. Violators will be cited.
  • Waste collection originally scheduled for Friday, October 7, will occur on Sunday, October 9.
  • Begin clean-up of yards and properties as soon as possible, and bring storm debris to the curb.  This will help inspectors understand the volume of debris and coordinate response efforts accordingly.
  • Regularly scheduled yard waste collection will be limited to bagged and containerized waste, and the five cubic yard limit will remain in effect.
  • Loose debris will be collected separately by storm recovery crews. There is no volume limit on loose debris.  As a result, residents should leave debris loose and piled by the curb, even that which would ordinarily be containerized.  
  • It is critical to the collection effort that vegetative storm debris, such as leaves, pine needles, branches and limbs, remain separate from construction/demolition debris and other household waste.  Failure to keep vegetative storm debris separate may prevent workers from collecting.
  • Place debris at least three feet away from utility boxes and poles, mailboxes, fire hydrants and other impediments.  Do not place materials under trees.
  • Avoid parking on streets whenever possible to aid in storm recovery efforts.
  • Residents can take debris directly to Trail Ridge Landfill; disposal fees will apply.
  • Assist with the clean-up efforts on roads and rights of way if it is safe to do so. Remove debris from neighborhood streets, gutters and on storm drains. Ditches will likely contain materials blown from yards and roadsides, like yard signs, toys, trash cans and shopping carts; report blockages to 630-CITY or
For additional post-storm tips and resources, see Post-Storm FAQs attached. Continued updates will be provided regularly via the City’s website and social media accounts