VIDEO RELEASE: City and Emergency Crews Continue 24-Hour Operations in Response to Hurricane Matthew

October 07, 2016  
In the past 48 hours, the River City has taken on a new meaning as Hurricane Matthew presented life-threatening storm surge, which reached levels not seen in the area in nearly 120 years. As the nation’s largest city, covering 840 square miles, Jacksonville serves a population of 850,000 residents. Nearly half of them were evacuated Wednesday afternoon from the beaches and low-lying areas due to dangerous hurricane conditions. Federal, state and local officials are conducting 24-hour emergency operations to address the needs and impact of this historic storm.

“The weather experts have described Matthew as a once in a 100-year type of storm that our children and grandchildren will talk about for generations,” said Mayor Lenny Curry. “We want our citizens to be safe. Our focus throughout this event has been public safety, and I am tremendously proud of the collaboration and cooperation of our partners and citizens.”