The following represents a brief overview of the benefits you can expect to receive as a firefighter with the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department under current collective bargaining agreements.

Base Salary

56 hour week (24-hours on/48-hours off =122 shift days/year) $2,782/month $33,384/year

Automatic step raise

Each year on the date of employment for the first four years and then every other year thereafter until year 14 when it becomes yearly again until year 17.

Promotional opportunities

From firefighter to engineer to lieutenant to captain to district chief. There is a 15 percent pay differential between each rank. Each Engine, Ladder, and Rescue has an officer in charge daily- either a lieutenant or captain.

Service Raise

Each 5 years of employment gains $25/month $300/year.

EMT Certification

Florida State Certified EMT $100/month $1,200/year.

Paramedic Certification

Florida State Certified Paramedic $450/month $5,400/year

City Education Incentive Pay

30 semester hours, 12 must be fire-related courses $100/month $1200/year
60 semester hours, 18 must be fire-related and an A.S. or A.A. degree $200/month $2,400/year

State Education Incentive Pay (Bureau of Fire Standards)

A.S. or A.A. degree in an approved degree program with 18 hours of fire-related courses $50/month $600/year
B.S. or B.A. degree in an approved degree program with 18 hours of fire-related courses $110/month $1,320/year

Tuition Reimbursement

Must complete approved course with a 'C' or better to be reimbursed for tuition cost

Cleaning and Meal Allowance

Uniform cleaning and meal subsidy $244/quarter $976/year

Personal Leave (Vacation and Sick Leave)

20 days/year (one day equals 12 hours of shift)


12 days/year (one day equals 12 hours of shift)

Pension Benefits

Jacksonville Police and Fire pension Fund

  • May vest after 5 years, NO AGE RESTRICTIONS TO RETIRE
  • May retire after 20 years service at 60 percent of pay (last 2 years averaged)
  • 2 percent multiplier/yr after 20 years to 80 percent of pay (MAXIMUM) at 30 years
  • 3 percent COLA (cost of living adjustment) each year after retirement
  • DROP(Deferred Retirement Option Plan)
  • Widow/ Widower receives 75 percent of the deceased's pension

Job Injuries

On-job injury expenses are covered by the city

Health Insurance

  • New employees receive coverage starting the first month after 55 days of active full time employment
  • Dependant coverage available
  • May choose plan from several vendors approved by the city

Life Insurance

A policy equal to the employee's annual salary is paid by the city, additional coverage available

Uniforms and Protective Gear

Uniforms and turnout gear are provided by the city

Death in the line of duty

State of Florida: $75,000 up to a possible $125,000
Federal Government: $138,461