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three firefighters
smoke and firefighters

The Fire Operations Division provides around-the-clock emergency response throughout Jacksonville's 840-square miles. In 2016, the division responded to nearly 143,000 emergency calls for service, ranging from structure fires, patient extrications from motor vehicle accidents, medical services, and a variety of investigations.

Fire Operations includes 55 fire engines, 12 ladder trucks and four fire boats housed among Jacksonville's 58 fire stations. All of these apparatus are advanced life support units.

The division is home to Special Operations, which includes Florida Task Force 5 Urban Search and Rescue, Technical Rescue, Haz-Mat and a Marine Unit. Two Haz-Mat teams are specially trained to respond to incidents involving chemical, nuclear or biological threats, fuel spills, gas leaks or other emergencies or threats involving hazardous materials. The Urban Search and Rescue Team and the Technical Rescue Team respond to incidents such as building collapses, construction accidents and other unique calls for service. JFRD's Marine Unit responds to emergencies on or adjacent to waterways.

On every emergency medical service call, the department sends a fire engine and rescue unit. All firefighters are qualified emergency medical technicians, and all of the department's fire engines are furnished with advanced life support equipment and have at least one paramedic assigned to the unit. The Fire Department's goal is to begin emergency treatment as quickly as possible.

The department sends three engines, two ladder trucks and three chiefs to all structure fires. Here the goal is to arrive on the scene with more than adequate personnel and equipment needed to quickly extinguish the blaze and ensure that all occupants are safely out of the building.

The Fire Operations Division has approximately 900 personnel.