To help the many litigants who file cases in family courts and are not represented by an attorney (pro se litigants), and to improve the response of the courts to the pro se litigants, the Florida Supreme Court has adopted standardized family law forms that can be used by the pro se litigants to process their family law case. The court adopted forms are identified as Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Forms, or Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Forms, or Local Forms (which are forms that have been approved in writing by the Chief Judge of a judicial circuit).


You can obtain all of the family law forms adopted by the Florida Supreme Court that you will be required to file in a family law case at:

this website, or from the Internet by clicking here for the Florida Supreme Court's Web Page. (If you do not own a computer, the Internet can be accessed on computers located at your local public library.)

You can obtain any required Local form from the offices of the Family Court Services located in your local county Courthouse. (See section of this website on Family Court Services.) Certain Local forms that a pro se litigant may be required to file in a dissolution of marriage case are available at this website. (See section on Local Forms.)

If you decide to represent yourself in a family law case, before filing, you should click here to read the Notice to Parties who are Not Represented by an Attorney who is a Member in Good Standing of the Florida Bar Document (54K .pdf) located at this website.