Children and houseThe Housing and Community Development Division manages housing related initiatives on behalf of the City of Jacksonville to ensure the availability of affordable housing to low and moderate income persons within the Jacksonville community through public and private partnerships. It also fosters community development and residents' involvement in neighborhoods and administers the Northwest Jacksonville Economic Development Fund (NWJEDF).

The division consists of Housing Services, Community Development and the  Neighborhoods Initiatives Team. The division provides staff support to the Jacksonville Housing Finance Authority. An eleven-member Commission provides policy guidance to the division.

Housing Services is responsible for the administration of federal and state program funding received on behalf of the City of Jacksonville for affordable housing initiatives. This includes the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), which assists in the redevelopment of abandoned and foreclosed properties.

Community Development administers the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program awarded annually to the City of Jacksonville through the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. CDBG program funds are sub-granted annually to public and private non-profit agencies that are responsible for providing services to low and moderate income persons developing decent housing, suitable living environment and by expanding economic opportunities.

Neighborhood Initiatives administers the Northwest Economic Development Trust Fund (NWJEDF), which provides capital for project development within the Northwest Jacksonville area. The team coordinates the activities of the Neighborhood Coordinators, who work neighborhood organizations and with six Citizen Planning Advisory Committees (CPACs). CPACs facilitate communication between city government and local communities, neighborhood organizations, local businesses, educational institutions and residents, to  make sure the needs of the community are being met and neighborhoods maintain or improve the current standard of living.

Neighborhood Organizations - The City of Jacksonville has a number of ways in which neighborhood organizations can receive information concerning zoning changes. Ordinance 1999-358-E, signed into law Feb. 6, 2000, provides the details. Notices of all zoning changes and land use amendments are sent to Citizen Planning Advisory Committees for comments in their respective planning areas. Individual neighborhood associations, groups or organizations registered with the Planning and Development Department (PDD) also receive notices. To register with the PDD, neighborhood groups or associations should fill out this form: Directory Sign-up, Update and Registration Form (Microsoft Word .doc). Use this form to sign up for listing an organization in the directory, to update an existing listing and to register to be notified about rezonings and land use amendments in your neighborhood. For more information call (904) 255-8237.

If you have questions concerning neighborhood zoning notification registration, please contact the Housing and Community Development Division.

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Downloading documents on this site requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free from Adobe.The Jacksonville Housing Finance Authority, which is supported by the Housing and Community Development Division,  was established under ordinance 2002-1314-E in compliance with Florida Statutes 159.601. The JHFA was created for the purpose of addressing affordable housing needs in the city of Jacksonville by stimulating the construction and rehabilitation of housing through the use of public financing. The JHFA is empowered to alleviate the shortage of affordable residential housing and to provide capital for investment in such facilities for low, moderate or middle income families and persons anywhere within the city of Jacksonville through the issuance of its revenue bonds.

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