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Children and houseThe Housing and Community Development Division manages housing related initiatives on behalf of the City of Jacksonville to ensure the availability of affordable housing to low and moderate income persons within Duval County through public and private partnerships. It helps foster community development and resident involvement in neighborhoods.

The division consists of Housing Services, Community Development, Foreclosure Property Registry, and the Surplus Property Donation Program.  An eleven-member Commission provides policy guidance to the division. The division also provides staff support to the Jacksonville Housing Finance Authority.

Housing Services is responsible for the administration of federal and state program funding received on behalf of the City of Jacksonville for affordable housing initiatives. This includes the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), which assists in the redevelopment of abandoned and foreclosed properties.

Community Development administers the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program awarded annually to the City of Jacksonville through the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. CDBG program funds are sub-granted annually to public and private non-profit agencies that are responsible for providing services to low and moderate income persons, developing decent housing, suitable living environment and by expanding economic opportunities.

Foreclosure Property Registry - In 2010 the Jacksonville City Council adopted Ordinance 2010-327-E to create a foreclosed property registry for mortgaged real property which is in default, distress or in the process of foreclosure. The Foreclosed Property Registry established a process to mitigate the level of deteriorating property within the City of Jacksonville by providing that funds from the registration of properties go into programs for foreclosure and community revitalization initiatives. Properties must be registered with the City of Jacksonville’s Neighborhoods Department. 

Surplus Property DonationOrdinance 2015-519, enacted by Council to amend Chapter 122.461 (Public Property - Donation for Residential Housing), provides city-owned parcels for donation to qualified entities, additional criteria for those entities accepting donation of property(-ies), and procedures to evaluate projects for residential affordable housing.   The 2017 Surplus Property Donation list is now available in PDFFor the current list of Request for Proposals available for this program, go to: Procurement.

Fair Housing - The Housing and Community Development Division of the Neighborhoods Department administers fair housing in each of its programs and has partnered with the Human Rights Commission to make a collaborative effort to ensure human rights and fair housing for all citizens of Jacksonville. For more information please click here.

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