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Jacksonville is the home of a thriving film community made up of talented crew technicians and dedicated support businesses. Centrally located to four neighboring counties, each with a unique flavor and appeal, Jacksonville offers a world of locations and production value at your fingertips.

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2005-2018 YTD Economic Impact 

Assisted and Permitted Productions 1,252
# of hired positions 12,058
# of production days  2,265
Direct Economic Impact $38,048,681


The Film & Television Office assists local and visiting productions with facilitating permits, provides preliminary location scouting and engages the local workforce and vendor resources. The Film Office serves as the liaison between the city, production company, and the local film community.

Some services the Film Office provides include interagency assistance such as: risk management for insurance liability requirements; traffic engineer for road closures; Sheriff's Office and Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department for public safety (pyrotechnics, explosions, stunts); City Public Buildings, Parks & Recreation for filming on City property, and referring customers to state and federal agencies.

Free One Stop Permitting

Jacksonville has a consolidated government, which means there is only one mayor, one sheriff, one fire chief and one traffic engineer for Jacksonville's 840 square mile area. The Film & Television Office acts as a one-stop service center for all film permitting. In addition, the staff works with other city agencies such as the fire and police departments to coordinate production requests. Consider us the one-stop shopping place for all your production needs. Click here to submit a Film Permit Application.

Preliminary Location Scouting

The Film & Television Office houses an extensive library of location photographs that is constantly being updated. Upon request, these photographs are sent to prospective clients to match script requirements with appropriate, accessible locations. If there is a request for a location that is in Jacksonville yet not housed in the library archives, then staff will do a preliminary location scout of the requested areas.  Click here for Searchable Location Images.

Crew Availability

The Film & Television Office has a database of qualified technical staff and support services in the Jacksonville area and publishes an annual Film & Television Production Guide that provides local crew listings, technical support information and local soundstage and facility availability. The production guide is free to all people considering doing business in the Jacksonville area. Click here for the Jacksonville Film & Television Production Guide.

On Site Support

Once a production has decided to film in Jacksonville, the Film & Television Office facilitates all production requests.

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