The Jacksonville Military Veterans Coalition (JMVC) is committed to honoring military veterans and currently serving members of the National Guard and Reserve by facilitating career, business, and education opportunities in Jacksonville. Our Coalition works with military organizations, veterans groups, industry associations, governmental entities, and Jacksonville businesses to build awareness and understanding of how these skills and cultural attributes make military veterans outstanding employees.

Many Jacksonville Businesses have internship programs that provide unique opportunities for participants to gain valuable experience in the workplace. Internships provide benefits to both interns and the organizations hosting the intern. There are many benefits to completing an internship, including the development of strong teamwork skills balanced with the excercise of individual responsibility, the opportunity to experiment with jobs that match academic and personal interests and the chance to dvelop industry-specific abilities. internships also increase the likelihood of building professional networking contacts and mentoring relationships. Internships help students become viable, experienced job applicants when seeking employment after graduation. In fact, many employers consider internship experience in the hiring process, and often look to their own interns as the best potential candidates for full-time positions.

The Jobs For Vets website can help you reach a valuable resource for your internships: Military Veterans. List your internships on the Jobs For Vets website and enhance your access to this valuable talent pool. To have your internships listed, please complete the application form below:

Point of Contact:  


Upon receipt of the business’ request to be listed on the Jobs for Vets web site, the City of Jacksonville will verify the information and post to the web site. It is the responsibility of the business to ensure the overview and web link/telephone number/contact information remain current. The Jobs for Vets website will only list companies with internship opportunities for military veterans; it will not be used as a vehicle to sell anything to our veterans. If you need additional information, please contact:

The development and implementation of the Jacksonville Military Veterans Coalition is an investment that will pay dividends for Northeast Florida businesses and our military veterans. All businesses seek employees with a commitment to excellence. Military veterans have this commitment and with their significant experience and maturity have the proven potential to become disciplined, dedicated employees.