Environmental Protection Board Members

Nick Howland, Chair
Amy Y. Fu, P.E., Vice-Chair
Bobby L. Baker, P.E.
Roi Dagan, M.D.
Gabriel DuPree
Mobeen Rathore, M.D.
Lucinda Sonnenberg, Ph.D.
Michelle Tappouni
David Wood

The Environmental Protection Board (EPB) was established foremost as an enforcement body for environmental matters in Duval County.  The (EPB) receives its authority from Chapter 73, Ordinance Code, and Chapters 360 et sequence, Ordinance Code.  The board works very closely with the Environmental Quality Division of the Regulatory Compliance Department. This division is the operational arm of environmental regulation within the city.

The nine members of the board are appointed by the Mayor and City Council, and is comprised of two professional engineers registered with the state of Florida, two members of the medical profession, two members of affected industry, two discreet citizens and one member of a recognized conservation, wildlife, outdoor recreation or sports activity.

The board oversees enforcement regulations, promulgates local environmental regulations and acts as a hearing platform with regard to environmental matters. In addition, the board may conduct studies, plant surveys, or plant efficiency tests, make periodic reports and recommendations for improvement of environmental quality in the city. Surface areas, air, surface water, underground aquifers, noise, odors and toxic materials are all encompassed in the scope of the responsibilities of the board.   In carrying out its responsibilities, the board cooperates with all federal, state and local agencies, as well as with groups interested in the field of environmental quality control to improve the regulation, administration and enforcement of the environmental quality of the city. Holding public hearings, arranging programs with speakers who are experts in the field of pollution control, water supply and conservation and studying environmental quality control programs in other areas are also essential for the board to carry out its scope of duties as established by Chapter 73 Ordinance Code.

In order to carry out the regulatory functions of the Board, it is organized into two standing committees:

The Air Odor & Noise Committee reviews issues concerned with the regulations associated with air quality, odors and noise.  EPB Rule 2 (Air Pollution Control), EPB Rule 4 (Noise Pollution Control), EPB Rule 5 (Control of TRC and VOC Emissions from Crude Sulfate Turpentine Processing Facilities) and EPB Rule 6 (Mobile Sources) fall under the purview of this committee.  Current committee members are:  Dr. Roi Dagan - Chair, Michelle Tappouni, Dr. Mobeen Rathore, David Wood and Gabriel DuPree (Alt.).

The Water Committee reviews issues concerned with the regulations associated with water quality and hazardous materials.  EPB Rule 3 (Water Pollution Control), EPB Rule 7 (Hazardous Materials) and EPB Rule 8 (Groundwater Resource Management) fall under the purview of this committee.  Current committee members are: Dr. Lucinda Sonnenberg - Chair, Bobby Baker, Amy Fu, Gabriel DuPree and David Wood (Alt.).

Although many of the functions of the EPB are regulatory in nature, the EPB is charged with educating citizens regarding environmental matters. To this end, the EPB has developed an extensive public outreach program that includes sponsoring environmental festivals, conferences and other events.  EPB staff is also very involved in the local Earth Day Jax Committee and other environmental events held annually.  The Education & Public Outreach Committee reviews this educational program and also handles all issues that are not regulatory in nature such as funding requests.  Current committee members are:  Michelle Tappouni - Chair, Dr. Lucinda Sonnenberg, Bobby Baker and Nick Howland.     The board staff manages the day to day operations for the board, plans and orchestrates all of the board meetings and carries out the community outreach and education programs of the board.