Sustainable Building Program

Among the most important steps taken since the creation of the Office of Sustainability Initiatives was the announcement of the Sustainable Building Program.

As outlined in city Ordinance 2009-211, the program supports and encourages environmentally sound building practices for public and private buildings established and certified by the Florida Green Building Coalition and the U.S. Green Buildings Council and by Florida Statute 255.2575.

The Sustainable Building Program has two primary components, one aimed at public construction and the other at private development.

  • The public component requires all new buildings built by the city and many remodeled buildings to meet nationally recognized certification standards. The Departments of Public Works and Environmental and Compliance are responsible for ensuring compliance. The ordinance also instituted mandatory training for city staff on the benefits and requirements of the Sustainable Building Program.

  • The private component provides incentives to developers and builders of homes, subdivisions, commercial buildings and business parks. Incentives include fast track development review by the Planning Department, designation of the building or buildings as a certified sustainable structure and refund of the cost of obtaining nationally recognized certification.
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