Calling all kids... JaxCan needs your help to fight blight!

JaxCanWant to combat neighborhood blight on your street, and across the city? Here's how you can help:
  1. Join the Blight Squad and promise to help JaxCan keep our neighborhoods clean!
    • Download your membership card and carefully read and sign the promise.
    • Print and fill-out your Blight Squad badge.
    • Say cheese! Have an adult share your proud moment with family and friends online - remember to use #FIGHTBLIGHT and #BLIGHTSQUAD
  2. Find the blight -- practice makes perfect!
    • ​Download the activity card and see if you can find all of the blight in the picture. Once you have, you're ready to help clean up the town!
  3. Ask your principal or afterschool program to bring JaxCan and the Blight Squad for an educational performance at your school!
  4. Organize a neighborhood clean-up around your home with some friends!
    • ​Report any trash that is too big to pick up (mattresses, tires, car parts) and abandoned homes by calling 630-CITY (630-2489).