Town Center Plan CoverThe Town Center Program is intended to revitalize older neighborhoods by providing planning, design and infrastructure improvements to public spaces along key business areas and corridors. The goal of this program is to:

  • Enhance both the visual appeal and physical infrastructure in older neighborhoods' commercial areas and corridors;
  • Feature community visioning and planning;
  • Encourage public/private partnerships;
  • Leverage public dollars by coordination with the Better Jacksonville Plan improvements in the areas; and
  • Encourage renewal of old commercial areas that in turn will aid and serve the residential uses.

The Program provides funding for improvements to:

  • Commercial areas of neighborhoods that are 30 years or older, experiencing decline, and classified as a collector or higher roadway.

The Town Center Program is administered in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1- Visioning
  • Phase 2- Design & Engineering
  • Phase 3- Implementation

A total of 17 projects are currently included in the Town Center Program. Total funding for each Town Center project through the program is up to $1 million. All Town Center Phase 1 funding has been awarded, and no new applications are currently being accepted.

Completed Phase 1 Vision Plans

Avondale Town Center (2135kb) Rogero Road Vision Plan (2441kb)
Heckscher Drive Town Center (2132kb) Rogero Road Historical Supplement (1648kb)
Lakewood Vision Plan (3240kb) Stockton Street Vision Plan Part 1 (1420kb)

McDuff Avenue Vision Plan (1262kb)

Stockton Street Vision Plan Part 2 (1267kb)
Murray Hill Vision Plan (8795kb) Stockton Street Vision Plan Part 3 (213kb)
Myrtle Avenue Vision Plan (2014kb) St Nicholas Vision Plan.pdf (9912kb)
North Main Street Vision Plan (2436kb) University Blvd - Charter Point Vision Plan (3134kb)
Oceanway Vision Plan (3011kb) Venetia Vision Plan (3342kb)
103rd Street Vision Plan (3306kb)  


Files in PDF format require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download the free Acrobat Reader.

Please contact Lisa Ransom, Neighborhood Services Manager, Neighborhood Services Office, Neighborhoods Department at 904-255-8250 if you have any questions regarding the Town Center Program.