The Foreclosure Property Registry was established in 2010 to limit and reduce the deterioration of property located within the City of Jacksonville caused by foreclosure, and create a mechanism to protect neighborhoods from being blighted through a lack of adequate maintenance of homes going through the foreclosure process.

One of the strategies of the Foreclosure Property Registry is to address blight within our neighborhoods by providing funds to neighborhood organizations in the form of a matching grant. The City of Jacksonville’s Matching Grant Program is designed to give financial assistance to registered neighborhood organizations who are interested in reducing blight within their neighborhood and ultimately enhance their community.

A neighborhood organization, civic organization or community group that is located within Duval County and has been in existence for at least six months may apply for a grant up to $5,000. Matching funds or donations must equal or exceed the amount of the funds requested through the program. Qualifying matches include cash, sweat equity, volunteer labor hours and in-kind donations such as building supplies and materials. Collaboration with your neighbors and community leaders will be required. The 2019 Matching Grant applications will be released August 2019.

To stay updated regarding the 2019 Matching Grants, please visit your Planning District’s CPAC. Participating and attending your CPAC is highly encouraged and greatly appreciated. Be sure to sign in each meeting as there may be bonus points awarded to your 2019 Matching Grant application. For information about the grants, you may call 904-255-8272 or visit your CPAC at

To qualify for participation, applicants must be registered with the City of Jacksonville’s Neighborhood Services Office at In addition to registering with the Neighborhood Services Office, organizations must be registered and active with Florida Department of State (Sunbiz). You can register your association by visiting the following link

For more information contact: Shaun Rycroft at