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The Mayor's Victim Assistance Advisory Council (VAAC) coordinates and encourages cooperative efforts among social service, criminal justice, mental health and other agencies to provide assistance to crime victims and their families.

The Council is composed of a chair and 26 members appointed by the mayor and confimed by the City Council. Members serve terms of three years each. The 27 members represent a cross-section of representatives of community mental health, social services, criminal justice, education, the medical profession, crime victims and their advocates, and members of the general public. 

Duties and Responsibilities

To coordinate and encourage cooperative efforts among social services, criminal justice, mental health and other agencies and persons (public and private) whose purpose is to provide assistance to crime victims, their families and/or their significant others.

To be a forum for discussing, studying, reviewing and considering from time to time, the community's needs; to make recommendations for improvements to existing city and/or other community services for crime victims, or for the establishment of essential, necessary and comprehensive services or service linkages where none yet exists.

To plan, sponsor and conduct conferences, seminars, and other special events concerning victim rights, crime prevention, child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, survivors of homicide, and the victimization of others, including the elderly and minorities.

2018 Crime Victim's Rights Week

Expand The Circle. Reach All Victims.
April 8 – April 14, 2018

The Mayor’s Victim Assistance Advisory Council (VAAC) sponsored the annual observation of National Victims’ Rights Week in Jacksonville. Individuals and organizations that demonstrated outstanding achievements above and beyond their daily responsibilities on behalf of crime victims and victims’ rights were recognized. View the schedule of events here.
2018 Crime Victim's Rights Week Awards

The Victims’ Rights Week Annual Awards honored extraordinary individuals and programs that provided services to crime victims.


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