A Neighborhood Action Plan (NAP) for the Metro North community was completed in October 2004. This plan was adopted by the Jacksonville City Council on April 12, 2005, Ordinance Number 2005-0461. The NAP provided redevelopment strategies and design guidelines to improve the residents' quality of life through residential and commercial development, with special emphasis on development of public open space. During the planning process, it was discovered that Metro North's more recent development patterns were similar to those of many other inner-city neighborhoods, particularly in the southern sector of the community. These development patterns have included:

  • Aging population
  • Increase in the number of houses requiring major repairs
  • An alarming increase in the number of households transitioning from owner-occupancy to renter-occupancy

A Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) was created to specifically address the neighborhood decline occurring in the Southern Sector of the Metro North community. The Plan was also designed to identify potential sites for reuse and redevelopment that would compliment the Brentwood HOPE VI Housing Project.

The SIP introduces a series of project implementation strategies that will provide the Metro North Community Development Corporation (CDC) and the City of Jacksonville with a guide for housing and economic development projects in the neighborhood surrounding the Brentwood HOPE VI Housing Project Area. The SIP will provide specific project scenarios for maintaining and improving the existing husing stock, building new in-fill single-family homes, and renovating existing neighborhood retail buildings. The SIP includes the following:

  • Recommendations for the development of partnerships
  • Funding strategies for short-term development projects
  • An implementation schedule that takes into consideration financial limitations

For further information please contact Kenneth Logsdon at 255-8237 or klogsdon@coj.net.

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