The Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission is responsible for review of certain Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) applications and for recommending the designation of local landmarks and districts to the City Council.  The Commission is comprised of seven (7) individuals appointed by the Mayor.  The membership includes both historic district residents, architects, lawyers, preservationists, and members of the construction trade.

The Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission is considered a Certified Local Government (CLG). As a part of the CLG specifications, the Historic Preservation Staff and Commission are required to report annual activities.

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City of Jacksonville, Historic Preservation Commission Annual Reports

Please call (904) 255-7800 for more information.

Please call (904) 255-7858 for application deadline.
Legislative Authority: Chpt 76, Ord. Code-Bylaws, Rules, and Regulations

Total Members: 7

Committee Duties: Mayor makes 7 appointments. Conduct an ongoing survey and inventory of historic buildings, areas, and archaeological sites in the City of Jacksonville and to plan for their preservation; Identify potential landmarks and potential landmark sites and to make recommendations to the City Council as to whether such should be officially designated. Recommend that the City Council designate specified areas as historic districts and to identify which structures should be considered to be contributing structures; Develop specific guidelines for the alteration, construction, relocation or removal of designated property; Promulgate standards for architectural review which are consistent with standards for rehabilitation established by the United States Secretary of the Interior; Approve or deny applications for certificate of appropriateness for alteration, construction, demolition, relocation or removal of landmarks, landmark sites, and property in historic districts; Initiate plans for the preservation and rehabilitation of individual historic buildings; Undertake public information programs including the preparation of publications and the placing of historic markers; Conduct public hearings to consider historic preservation issues, the designation of landmarks, landmark sites, and historic districts, applications for certificate of appropriateness and nominations to the National Register of Historic Places; and Administer Chapter 307, Ordinance Code.

Meeting Date: Meeting time is at 3:00 p.m. and are held in Conference Room 1002, Ed Ball Building, 1st Floor; 214 North Hogan Street; Jacksonville, FL 32202. (Meeting times and locations are subject to change.)

Historic Preservation Commission Meeting Dates

Committee Members

Name                                                       Work Address Phones/Fax Other Address Terms Reappt
Appt Date
Term End Date Appointing
Demetree, III, Jack C. (Chair) DEI Investments
Jacksonville, Fl

Other:(904) 962-6314
2064 Herschel St Unit 301
Jacksonville, FL 32204
0 of 2         Mayor 04
Davis, Ryan Patrick. (Vice-Chair) Piper Homes
2002 San Marco Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Other:(904) 537-3406 
1131 Miramar Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32207
1 of 2         Mayor 03
Erik Kasper (Secretary) Kasper Architects & Associates
10175 Fortune Parkway Suite 701
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Work:(904) 683-9201
2065 Orange Picker Road
Jacksonville, FL 32223
1 of 2         Mayor
Timothy J. Bramwell Foley & Lardner, LLP
Jacksonville, FL

Mobile:(404) 350-9283
2342 College Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204
1 of 2          
Maximilian S. Glober Petro Services Inc.
Jacksonville, FL

Mobile:(904) 742-0527
2054 Riverside Avenue #5108
Jacksonville, FL 32204
0 of 2          
Andres Lopera ORACLE Engineering
1650 Margaret St Suite 302-197
Jacksonville, FL 32204
Work:(904) 600-5750
Other:(904) 251-4133
Jacksonville, FL 1 of 2         Mayor 06
Maiju Stansel Richard Skinner & Associates, P.L.
2245 St. Johns Avenue
Jackosnivlle, FL 32204
Work:(904) 387-6710
11698 Thornapple Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32223
1 of 2         Mayor 07 (Architect)

Contact Staff:

Name Position Phone Email
Popoli, Christian City Planner Supervisor (904) 255-7800

Member Biographies

Jack C. Demetree, III, Chair 
Mr. Demetree is an associate at Demetree Brothers.  Demetree Brothers is a  full service real estate development and property manager based in Jacksonville, Florida.  

P. Ryan Davis, Vice-Chair
Mr. Davis is a home builder and remodeler who lives in the San Marco area. His company, Piper Homes, performs work in Jacksonville's historic neighborhoods and the surrounding areas. He has served on the Commission since 2017. 

Erik C. Kasper, Secretary
Mr. Kasper is an architect and the owner of Kasper Architects + Associates.  He has experience with a multitude of architectural styles and construction methods.  Currently Mr. Kasper also a board member for the American Institute of Architects.  In addition to design work, he actively contributes to the Jacksonville community through various charitable and faith-based organizations.

Tim Bramwell
Mr. Bramwell is an attorney with the law firm, Foley & Larder LLP.  His practice focuses primarily in the field of public finance.  Mr. Bramwell lives in Jacksonville’s historic Riverside neighborhood and owns and maintains a 100+ year-old house.

Andres Lopera
Mr. Lopera is a Structural Engineer and designs residential and commercial buildings.  In addition to design work, he provides expert reports on construction defect cases and property damage insurance claims.  Mr. Lopera also serves on the Florida Structural Engineers Association’s (FSEA) Building Code Advisory Committee.

Maiju Stansel
Ms. Stansel  is an architect with Richard Skinner and Associates where she specializes in traditional single family residential, educational and fine arts facilities.  Ms. Stansel is a two time recipient of the Addison Mizner Medal (2013 Civic and 2014 Residential).  The Addison Mizner Awards program celebrates new work in the classical design tradition.  


CURRENT AGENDA - December 12, 2018



CURRENT MEETING BOOK- December 12, 2018






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For more information, please contact:

Historic Preservation Section
Planning and Development Department
214 North Hogan Street, Suite 300
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: (904) 255-7800
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