The Community Planning Division manages the district-wide Vision Plans, Neighborhood Action Plans and Corridor Studies developed for the City of Jacksonville. This section is charged with the interpretation of consistency with plan recommendations for Land Use and Zoning applications, and for the evaluation and implementation of plans and studies. For information, contact Community Planning at (904) 255-7888.

Neighborhood Action Plans (NAPs) address a multitude of issues in a variety of neighborhoods and contain strategies and recommendations that can be put into action. When development occurs in one of the NAP areas, the application is reviewed for consistency with the plans through the Neighborhood Planning Section of the Planning Department. Since 1977, a total of 19 NAPs have been completed and adopted by City Council.

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For additional information on Neighborhood Action Plans, Corridor Studies and Land Use and Zoning Studies, please contact
Kristen Reed, Chief of the Community Planning Division at (904) 255-7888.