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District 6: North Vision Plan
The purpose of these vision plans is to guide Jacksonville's planning decisions at multiple levels, from City Council members, to the City's Planning and Development Department, to developers, to Jacksonville residents. Vision Plans have three basic elements. First a data analysis of the existing conditions for each planning district is compiled. Second, residents of the planning district are involved in the process of identifying issues, ideas and solutions through community meetings known as charrettes. Finally a vision plan is created based on the existing conditions, community input and best practices in urban planning. Once the vision plan is complete, it is adopted by ordinance by City Council.
  • The Southwest Vision Plan Ordinance is 2003-1049-E
For more information on the visioning process and information on Neighborhood Action Plans, Corridor Studies and Land Use and Zoning Studies, please contact CommunityPlanning@coj.net or call 904-255-7888.