Florida Senate Bill 360 enacted by the 2005 Florida Legislature mandates school planning by requiring local governments and school boards to adopt a school concurrency system. School concurrency ensures coordination between local governments and school boards in planning and permitting developments that affect school capacity and utilization rates.

The legislation requires the municipalities within Duval County (the cities of Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and the Town of Baldwin) and the Duval County School Board to update existing public school interlocal agreements and comprehensive plans to implement school concurrency. A Public School Facilities Element (PSFE) must be added to the Comprehensive Plan, the Capital Improvements Element and Intergovernmental Coordination Element of the Plan must be updated, and the Interlocal Agreement for School Facility Planning must be updated.

These documents will include level-of-service (LOS) standards to establish maximum permissible school utilization rates relative to capacity, a financially feasible Public School Capital Facilities Program, a proportionate-share mitigation methodology and public school Concurrency Service Areas (CSAs) to define the geographic boundaries of school concurrency.

Working Groups

ILA Team (PDF)

Joint Planning Committee (PDF)
Joint Planning Committe Website


Approved Text Amendment to the 2010 Comprehensive Plan For Public Schools Facilities Element:
Ordinance 2007-1184.pdf (11kb)

Ordinance 2007-1184 - Exhibit 1 PSFE - Final.pdf (1562kb)

Ordinance 2007-1184 - Exhibit 2 ILA - Final.pdf (1293kb)

Ordinance 2007-1184 - Exhibit 3 CIE - Final.pdf (58kb)

Ordinance 2007-1184 - Exhibit 4 ICE - Final.pdf (60kb)

Ordinance 2007-1183 - Adopted Interlocal Agreement for Public School Facilities Planning.pdf (12kb)

Ordinance 2007-1183 - Exhibit 1 - ILA.pdf (1292kb)

Ordinance 2007-1146-E - School Concurrency.pdf (66kb)

PSFE Background Data and Analysis Report.pdf (5955kb)


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