Mobility Plan

Florida's Community Renewal Act (Senate Bill 360, SB 360), adopted in 2009, amended the Growth Management Act by removing state-mandated transportation concurrency requirements in areas designated as Transportation Concurrency Exception Areas or TCEAs.

Ordinance 2011-617 E which waives the Mobility Fee, is expected to expire on October 10, 2012. 
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The Moblity Fee is generally applied as A X B X C:
A = Cost per VMT $24.31
B = VMT per Development Area
C = Project Daily Trip Generation (Use Trip Generation, 8th Edition, ITE)

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VMT per Development Area is as follows:

Downtown = 9.09
Urban Redevelopemnt = 9.24
Urban = 9.46
Suburban = 10.28
Rural = 12.27

Mobility Plan Task Force
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 2030 Mobility Plan coverResulting from the definition of a 'dense urban land area' or DULA provided within SB 360, the City of Jacksonville has been designated a TCEA. As outlined in Senate Bill 360, within two years after a TCEA becomes effective, local governments are required to amend their local comprehensive plans to include 'land use and transportation strategies to support and fund mobility within the exception area, including alternative modes of transportation.'

Local comprehensive plans must also comply with 163.3177, F.S., which requires the adoption of strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote energy-efficient land use patterns. Pursuant to SB 360 and 163.3177, F.S., the City of Jacksonville Planning and Development Department has prepared a draft 2030 Mobility Plan.

There are two chief components to the mobility planning approach, the draft 2030 Mobility Plan and the supporting 2030 Multimodal Transportation Study (January 2010). The purpose of this dual approach is to build upon existing policies through the adoption of land use and transportation policies that support mobility, in partnership with the effective application of a new transportation improvement and mitigation funding mechanism.

Transportation Study coverIf you would like more information on the Department's mobility planning efforts, please call our Transportation Section at 904-255-7800.





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