Planning Commission

According to the Jacksonville Ordinance Code, the Planning Commission reviews proposed land use changes, text changes to the Comprehensive Plan, requests for exceptions, variances and waivers to the Zoning Code (except those pertaining to properties located within the Downtown Overlay Zone as defined in Section 656.361.2), appeals from written orders granting or denying an administrative deviation, written interpretations of the Zoning Code, final orders of the Cell Tower Review Committee and other matters related to land use and area planning which are referred to the Department or to the Commission pursuant to law, along with other duties.

The Current Planning Division of the Planning and Development Department provides technical assistance to the Planning Commission and the City Council Land Use and Zoning Committee.

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2017 Planning Commission Public Hearing Dates - UPDATED 6/16/17

Planning Commission Bylaws


Daniel E. Blanchard, Chair - Planning District 3 - Term Expires 09-30-17
Abel Harding, Vice Chair - Planning District 1 - Term Expires 9-30-17
Nicole Padgett, Secretary - At Large - Term Expires 9-30-18
Donald "Marshall" Adkison - Planning District 6 - Term Expires 9-30-17
Chris Hagan - Planning District 4 - Term Expires 9-30-17
Ben Davis - Planning District 5 - Tem Expires 9-30-19
Dawn Motes - At Large - Term Expires 10-01-18
Joshua Garrison - At Large - Term Expires 10-01-19
Tyler Loehnert, School Board Representative
Matthew E. Schellhorn, Military Representative
Nate Day - Alternate

Current Agenda

08-17-17  Meeting Agenda

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2017 Results Agendas
2016 Results Agendas
2015 Results Agendas
2014 Results Agendas
2013 Results Agendas

Staff Reports/PC Book

August 17, 2017 

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Final Orders

08-03-17 PC Final Orders

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Meeting Transcripts

August 03, 2017

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The Land Use and Zoning Application Portal allows online submittal of Land Use and Zoning Applications, related planner administration, case tracking and case documentation. 

Click here to view the Land Use & Zoning Application Portal to search Zoning, Land Use, and Archived PUD applications.

Click here for Land Use Amendment, Zoning, Rezoning, Appeal, and Cell Tower Applications along with zoning fees and zoning forms.

For more information, please contact:

Patricia Sales, Executive Secretary I
Planning and Development Department
Current Planning Division
214 North Hogan Street, Suite 300
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: (904) 255-7865
Fax: (904) 255-7884