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The City of Jacksonville has hired Toole Design Group to assist with the development of a Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan in response to Jacksonville's designation as a Focus City.  Mr. Andy Clarke, former President of the League of American Bicyclists and Director of Strategy for Toole Design Group, is the Consultant Project Manager. 

The plan will establish a baseline of existing conditions, identify needs, establish a recommended network, and help to prioritize strategies that will increase the number and frequency of people walking and bicycling while improving safety within the City of Jacksonville.  The City of Jacksonville expects that the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan will:

  • Identify vision, goals, and objectives which complement the City’s 2030 Mobility Plan
  • Outline existing conditions, needs, and deficiencies
  • Identify a network of connectivity for walking and a network of connectivity for biking
  • Establish project prioritization methodology
  • Identify near and long term implementation strategy
  • Outline key recommendations
  • Identify policies and programs that educate and encourage safe pedestrian and bicycle activities 
Two products of this study will be a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan and a Bicycle Level of Service Assessment.
The study area limits will include Mobility Zones 7, 8, 9 and 10.  See the attached project limit map.

The City of Jacksonville will oversee the work of the project consultant and will provide coordination with the project Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will develop recommendations for citywide policies, standards, and programs that affect walking and bicycling.” Steering Committee members are listed below:
  • Representative from the Mayor’s Office
  • Lori Boyer, City Council Representative
  • Scott Wilson, City Council Representative
  • Steve Long, City of Jacksonville Public Works Department
  • Daryl Joseph, City of Jacksonville Parks and Recreation Department
  • Laurie Santana, City of Jacksonville Planning and Development Department
  • Andy Clarke, Toole Design Group Project Manager
  • John Hale, UNF
  • Garf Cooper, Riverside Avondale Preservation
  • Gary Miller, Nemours Children's Hospital
  • Christina Parrish, SPAR Council
  • Dimitri Demopoulus, Urban Core CPAC
  • Derrick Lewis, Shannon Hartley, JSO
  • Chris LeDew, JTA
  • Guy Parola, DIA
  • Jeff Sheffield, Elizabeth de Jesus, NFTPO
  • Derek Dixon, FDOT Bike/Ped Representative
  • Chris Burns, BPAC
  • Bernard Mazie, Elder and Senior Representative


Through several rounds of public meetings, the team received important input from a variety of stakeholders on the goals, challenges, opportunities, and priorities related to biking and walking in the City of Jacksonville.  Overall, we learned that the public values:

Safety- provide a safer, more comfortable environment for walking and biking on our city streets.
Connectivity-create a seamless network of sidewalks and bike lanes to allow for more continuous travel.
Awareness- promote concern, awareness and respect between drivers and pedestrians through education and encouragement.
Participation- provide a street network that is conducive to many more people walking and biking in Jacksonville.

The following are summaries of the presentation and public comments from the two rounds of meetings: There were also four Steering Committee meetings, which were open to the public. The following are summaries of each:



Amy Ingles
Bicycle / Pedestrian Coordinator
(904) 255-7818