Agricultural (Greenbelt) Classification

Greenbelt BrochureWhat you need to qualify for an Agricultural (Greenbelt) Classification:
In seeking this classification, the land must be used primarily for 'Bona Fide' agricultural purposes. 'Bona Fide' agricultural purposes mean 'good faith commercial agricultural use of the land'.

In order for the Property Appraiser to determine whether or not the land is used for bona-fide commercial agricultural purposes, the following factors may be taken into consideration:
  • size of the property, as it relates to a specific agricultural use
  • whether there has been an effort to care sufficiently and adequately for the land as it pertains to the agricultural endeavor.his includes but is not limited to fertilizing, tilling, mowing, reforesting, and other accepted agricultural practices
  • zoning of the property
  • the purchase price paid for the property
  • the length of time the land has been so utilized
  • other factors that may become applicable to the Classification of Agricultural Land (see Florida Statutes 193.461)

Important! All homesites located on the property, which include the home and the curtilage, are not eligible for this classification. The owner may apply for a homestead exemption if the homesite is the owner's primary residence.

Properties under the Agricultural Classification are not entitled to a homestead exemption for the classified use portion.


When a property is leased for agricultural purposes, the same criteria are used in granting or denying the application. It is the ultimate responsibility of the owner to ensure that the lessee is complying with all laws governing the Agricultural Classification. The owner may submit the lease in its entirety with the application. If any lease or use change occurs, it is the responsibility of the property owner to notify the Property Appraiser's Office.

What you need to apply for an Agricultural (Greenbelt) Classification:
An application for the Agricultural Classification of land must be completed and submitted to the Property Appraiser's Office between January 1 and March 1 of the year an owner first seeks a greenbelt classification. A late-filed application for the classification may be submitted after March 1 and no later than 25 days following the Notice of Proposed Property Taxes mailing. However, in order for a late-filed application to be considered, a petition must be filed with the Clerk of the Value Adjustment Board along with a copy of the denied late application.  A $15.00 filing fee (made out to the Tax Collector) must accompany the petition and late-filed application.  For a joint petition for contiguous undeveloped parcels or by a condominium association, cooperative association, or homeowners association, the VAB’s filing fee is $15 for the petition and $5 for each additional parcel.  In order to file a single joint petition, the Property Appraiser must determine that such parcels are substantially similar in nature.

Greenbelt/Agricultural Classification Application (63k pdf)
Greenbelt/Agricultural Classification Application (Fillable Version 63k pdf) DR-482
(Downloading this file requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free from Adobe. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, click here to link to Adobe for a free download.) Applications should be mailed to the address at the bottom of this page.

Note: In addition to the application, the Property Appraiser may require supplemental or additional information supporting the property use.

Each property on the application is field inspected and the owner will be notified on or around July 1, for the year the application made, of its approval or disapproval of the application.

Properties that are approved will be re-inspected at least once every five years.

Annual Renewal:
After the Agricultural Classification has been granted, it will automatically be renewed annually. A receipt will be mailed each January to all greenbelt property owners to verify the actual use of the land. If any changes to the land have occurred, it is the responsibility of the taxpayer to bring it to the Property Appraiser's attention.

Removal of the Agricultural (Greenbelt) Classification:
This occurs when land is diverted from an agricultural to a non-agricultural use; land is no longer being utilized for agricultural purposes; land has changed zoning to a non-agricultural use at the request of the owner subsequent to the enactment of this law. Property owners who re-zoned their properties can have their classification reinstated provided they show the existing commercial agricultural use is permitted under the new zoning or they can re-apply under the new zoning. Any landowner whose land is denied the Agricultural Classification by the Property Appraiser may appeal to the Value Adjustment Board.

For more information, you may contact the Agricultural Specialist at (904) 630-2594, via e-mail at or by mail at:
Duval County Property Appraiser
Agricultural Specialist
231 East Forsyth Street, Room 360
Jacksonville, FL 32202

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