There have been a number of laws passed recently affecting property taxes. Below is a listing of those laws.

General Election - November 2012

Expands the availability of the property tax discount for homesteaded veterans disabled in combat to include those who were not Florida residents when they entered the military.  
Authorizes the Florida Legislature to provide a partial or total exemption from property taxes on homesteaded property of the surviving spouse of a military veteran or first responder killed in action.  
Authorizes the Florida Legislature to allow counties and municipalities to grant another additional homestead exemption for low income seniors 65 and older who have lived in their homes for at least 25 years. The exemption could exempt all assessed value on properties with a market value less than $250,000 owned by low income seniors who qualify.  This is only valid if local legislation is passed.
UPDATE:  The Jacksonville City Council passed an ordinance in May 2013.  The exemption, which will be available in 2014, will apply to the City of Jacksonville tax levy only, not the tax levies of other taxing authorities.

For more information regarding the Amendments above, contact the Customer Service/Exemptions Division at (904) 630-2020.

General Election - November 2008  
The Florida Taxation and Budget Reform Commission placed the following amendments on the November 2008 ballot. Each amendment was approved.
Amendment 3: Changes and Improvements Not Affecting the Assessed Value of Residential Real Property (Wind Resistant and Renewable Energy Source Devices)
This amendment allows owners of residential property to make tax-free improvements or additions for: increasing resistance to wind damage or the installation of renewable energy source devices on their homes. Required implementing legislation to create the exemption was never passed; therefore the measure did not become law.
UPDATE:  HB277 was passed by the Legislature in 2013 which excludes the value of certain types of installations after a certain date from the assessed value of a residential property. As a result of the new law, the initial language creating an exemption was repealed.
Amendment 4: Property Tax Exemption of Perpetually Conserved Land; Classification and Assessment of Land Used for Conservation
This requires the legislature to provide a property tax exemption for land dedicated in perpetuity for conservation purposes. (See Florida Statute 196.26 and Florida Statute 196.011).   Conservation Exemption Application
Amendment 6: Assessment of Working Waterfront Property Based Upon Current Use
This amendment provides for the assessment of working waterfronts at 'current use' instead of market value based on 'highest and best use.' Property included: commercial fishing facilities, marinas and drystacks open to the public, boat launches open to the public and water-dependent marine facilities such as those used for boat repair and manufacturing. Working Waterfront Assessment Application - Submit to PAO Commercial Division, 231 E. Forsyth St., Suite 350, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Presidential Preference Election - January 2008

Amendment One: 
Additional Homestead Exemption: Provides an additional exemption up to $25,000 off the assessed value of the property valued above $50,000. This additional exemption applies to all tax levies except school districts.
Portability: Allows homesteaded property owners to transfer all or a portion of their 'Save Our Homes' benefit (up to $500,000) to a new homestead.
Limit on Non-Homesteaded Assessments: Provides a cap on the annual increase in the assessed value of non-homesteaded property at 10%. (applies to all tax levies except school districts.)
TPP Exemption: Provides a $25,000 exemption on Tangible Personal Property for businesses.