Tangible Personal Property brochureTangible Personal Property is all property, other than real estate, that is used in a business or for income-producing purposes.

Furniture, tools, machinery, leased equipment and office supplies, as well as items in rental properties such as furniture and appliances, are all tangible personal property. Though not income-producing, attachments to mobile homes on rented land are also considered tangible personal property.

Florida law requires that these items annually be reported to and assessed by the Property Appraiser's Office. Find out more by reading Frequently Asked Questions relating to Tangible Personal Property.

View this presentation to learn more about reporting Tangible Personal Property in Duval County, Florida.

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- Tangible Personal Property Return (20K .pdf)
- 2018 Economic Life Guide
- 2017 Economic Life Guide (172k .pdf)
- 2016 Economic Life Guide (108K .pdf)
- 2015 Economic Life Guide (143K .pdf)
- 2014 Economic Life Guide (147.5k .pdf)
- 2013 Economic Life Guide (153K.pdf)
- 2012 Economic Life Guide (767K .pdf)
- 2011 Economic Life Guide (97K .pdf)
- 2010 Economic Life Guide (98K .pdf)
- 2009 Economic Life Guide (65.5K .pdf)
- 2008 Economic Life Guide (106K .pdf)
- 2007 Economic Life Guide (105K .pdf)
- 2006 Economic Life Guide (282K .pdf)
- 2005 Economic Life Guide (190K .pdf)
- 2004 Economic Life Guide (53K .pdf)
- 2003 Economic Life Guide (21K .pdf)
- 2002 Economic Life Guide (21K .pdf)
- 2001 Economic Life Guide (16K .pdf)

- 2018 General Present Worth Table
-  2017 General Present Worth Table (27 k .pdf)
- 2016 General Present Worth Table (42K .pdf)
- 2015 General Present Worth Table (63K .pdf)
- 2014 General Present Worth Table (68.6k .pdf)
- 2013 General Present Worth Table (67.6K .pdf)
- 2012 General Present Worth Table (1.6MB .pdf)
- 2011 General Present Worth Table (110K .pdf)
- 2010 General Present Worth Table (110K .pdf)
- 2009 General Present Worth Table (128K.pdf)
- 2008 General Present Worth Table (117K.pdf)
- 2007 General Present Worth Table (112K .pdf)
- 2006 General Present Worth Table (295K .pdf)
- 2005 General Present Worth Table (385K .pdf)
- 2004 General Present Worth Table (95K .pdf)
- 2003 General Present Worth Table (21K .pdf)
- 2002 General Present Worth Table (21K .pdf)

Filing Extension
Requests for a 30 day filing extension must be received, in writing, prior to the April 1st filing date. When filing a request please include the:

1. Business Name
2. Location Address
3. TPP Account Number
4. Reason for the extension request

If you cannot locate the TPP Number for your extension request, click here.

You may mail, fax, or email your request to:
Duval County Property Appraisers Office
Attn: Tangible Personal Property Division
231 East Forsyth St, Room 330
Jacksonville, Fl 32202

FAX 904-630-5918
E-mail patpp@coj.net

Note: Due to the volume of extension requests please use your certified mail receipt, registered mail receipt or fax transmission report as confirmation that we received your request.

Tangible Personal Property Department: 904-630-1964