More of This, Less of ThatThey say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Now, Mayor Alvin Brown and the City of Jacksonville are making it easier to let your smart phone do the talking.

More of This, Less of That is a simple, fast way for you to communicate what you like (or don’t like!) about our great city.

Snap a picture and email it, tweet it or post it on our Facebook. You don’t have to write an essay, or even give us your name. Just snap and send. If it’s a picture of something you like, tweet or post on Instagram with the hashtag #MoreOfThis, post it on the city's Facebook page, or email it to If it’s something you don’t like, tweet or post on Instagram with the hashtag #LessOfThat, post on our Facebook page, or email it to It’s that easy!

Of course you are free to write as much about the photo as you like - it’s entirely up to you. 

This program takes the pulse of the community and helps to build a dialogue about Jacksonville's strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Pictures can be submitted in three ways:

After submission, pictures will be reviewed and posted on the City of Jacksonville’s Pinterest account. Pictures may be used for future social media updates. Photos of people or of subjects that may be viewed as offensive or derogatory will not be published. Review this disclaimer regarding the use of submitted materials.

If you wish to report an issue to the City of Jacksonville, you can do so online at, by emailing, or by calling 630-CITY at (904) 630-2489.