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Stormwater Utility LogoThe Jacksonville Stormwater Utility is responsible for overseeing the development and construction of large-scale drainage improvement projects in established neighborhoods. These projects are intended to both reduce flood conditions and provide treatment of pollutants of the stormwater. The stormwater fee funds these projects, which are generally approved annually in the city's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

For maintenance requests, such as ditch cleaning or drain line repair, please call 630-CITY (2489) or visit 630-CITY online.  If you have questions about any of these projects, please e-mail stormwater@coj.net.  Project dates listed below are current as of August 10, 2012. Date shifts may be attributed to unforeseen complications involving issues such as property acquisition or permitting.

Current Project Cost Estimates shown below may include, but may not be limited to, the cost for study, design, construction, and right of way acquisition, and may or may not be inclusive or representative of all funds available for the project.

CIP Estimates reflect the estimate listed for the project in the current year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

View projects in Phase 1 - Planning/Study, Phase 2 - Design, Phase 3 - Construction, or CIP Authorized 



Project Area

Area in the vicinity between Paul Avenue and Powers Avenue (CD 5)


Construct stormwater pond and perform outfall improvements to reduce local flooding.

Budget $2.8 million

Pond - January 2012
Outfall - Late 2012 (currently in bid process)

Finish Pond - Complete
Outfall - TBD
Contact Outfall - Tom Heal, 255-8749,

Project Area

East of Phillips Hwy and north of University Blvd. W. (CD 4)


Piping, other system improvements

Budget $87,000

July 2012

Finish September 2012
Contact Thomas Waters, 255-8742

Project Area

New pond at former Air Liquide site; second located in Hollybrook Park; additional improvements to Pond "D" (CD9)

Scope Two new ponds and improvements to existing pond
Budget All combined: $2.14 million

April 2012

Finish Oct/Nov 2012
Contact Bob Scott, 255-8734

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  • Avenue B/Zinnia Ave Box Culvert
    • Scope: Phase 1 is drainage improvements on Avenue B from Moncrief to approx. 600 feet south; Phase 2 is drainage improvements on Zinnia from the end of Phase 1 to Edgewood
    • Location: Vicinity of Avenue B south of Moncrief Road (CD 10)
    • Project Cost Estimate/Budget: $1.8 million
    • Status: Phase 1 bid & construction expected late 2012; design of Phase 2 is underway.
  • Bunche Drive Pond
    • Scope:  Redesign existing treatment pond
    • Location: Vicinity of Bunche Drive and Cleveland Road (CD 10)
    • Current Project Cost Estimate/Budget:  $1.5 million
    • Schedule: Completion of design pending; construction TBD 
  • Country Creek Area
    • Scope:  Construct improvements along Country Creek to alleviate flooding in the Hammond Forest and Country Creek neighborhoods.
    • Location: Creek area between Hammond Blvd. and Fouraker Rd. (CD 12)
    • Current Project Cost Estimate/Budget:  $4.7 million 
    • Schedule: Design scope being determined based on engineering study.  Construction TBD. 
  • Hamilton/Jersey Drainage Improvements
    • Scope: New outfall pipe Hamilton St. from Fremont to Ortega River; new pond at Fremont St. and Hamilton St.; neighborhood drainage improvements
    • Location: Vicinity of Hamilton St. and Jersey St. (CD 9)
    • Current Project Cost Estimate/Budget: $4 million
    • Schedule: Complete design late Summer 2012; followed by bid and construction.
  • Mandarin/Orange Picker Drainage Improvements
    • Scope: Construct improvements to reduce flooding in the vicinity of the Worthington Glen, Gran Crique and Rivergate subdivisions.
    • Location: Vicinity of Mandarin Road at Orange Picker Rd. (CD 6)
    • Current Project Cost Estimate/Budget: $4.2 million
    • Schedule: Design complete; bid and construction pending
  • Miruelo Circle Drainage Improvements
    • Scope: Improve drainage and runoff water quality and to create a more appealing and consistent look to the roadway throughout the project area
    • Location: San Jose Estates subdivision off San Jose Blvd. (CD 5)
    • Current Project Cost Estimate/Budget: $2.3 million
    • Schedule: Construction award pending

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  • Crystal Springs Area Drainage
    • Scope: TBD following engineering study
    • Location: Vicinity of Crystal Springs Road and Blair Road (CD 12)
    • CIP Estimate: $3.8 million
    • Schedule: Design projected to be complete mid to late 2012.
  • Messer Area Drainage Improvements
    • Scope: TBD following engineering study
    • Location: Vicinity of Messer Rd. between Garden St. and Alligator's Rd.(CD 8)
    • CIP Estimate: $4.75 million
    • Schedule: Design projected to be complete late 2012.
  • Noroad/Lambing Drainage Improvements
    • Scope: TBD following engineering study
    • Location: Vicinity of Noroad and Lambing (CD 12)
    • CIP Estimate: $1.4 million
    • Schedule: Design projected to be complete mid to late 2012.
  • Old Plank Road Drainage Improvements
    • Scope: TBD following engineering study
    • Location: Vicinity of Old Plank Rd. between Bea Ln. and Halsema Rd. (CD 11)
    • CIP Estimate: $3.5 million
    • Schedule: Design projected to be complete late 2012. 
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  • BAy Street Bridge at Hogan's Creek
    • Scope: Continue bridge and outfall improvements started in 2008 
    • Location: East Bay Street at Hogan's Creek downtown (CD 7)
    • CIP Estimate: $1 million
    • Status: Re-start of construction pending
  • Lower Eastside pond Expansion
    • Scope: Construct stormwater collection system to alleviate flooding
    • Location: Area bound by 1st St to the south, Speaking St. to the west, 7th St. to the north and Harrison St. on the east (CD 7)
    • CIP Estimate: $5.3 million
    • Status: Start of design pending
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