Traffic Operations

The Traffic Operations office is responsible for maintaining all traffic street markings and signs, traffic signals and other control devices in the City of Jacksonville.  The office also reviews maintenance of traffic plans involving city streets and for issuing temporary road closure permits for small recreational events.

If you need to report a problem with a sign or signal, please contact the city's customer service office at 630-CITY [2489] or visit 630-CITY online.

If you need to report a problem with a street light - not a signal - please contact JEA at 665-6000 or visit JEA's website.  Please be sure to have the pole number handy, if possible.

Recreational Event Road Closures

The Traffic Operations office issues permits for low-attendance events that require road closures, such as block parties or recreational functions like festivals or fundraising walks/runs that will involve fewer than 500 people.

Events that are expected to draw more than 500 people - including all workers, participants, spectators and other attendees - must be coordinated through the Office of Special Events.


For your convenience, please use the Block Party Petition Form to submit your request:

--Using PDF files requires Adobe Reader, available free from Adobe

Use the JaxGis mapping tool to get a map of the block being closed and to identify the properties within the block that need to approve the closure.


  • Requests should be submitted at least five days in advance
    • Requests will not be accepted the day before an event
    • Requests will not be accepted on a Friday for an event occurring that Saturday or Sunday - NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Requests must include the following details:
    • Applicant's name - printed clearly
    • Phone number and/or e-mail address
    • Purpose of the event
    • Closure limits - only one block may be closed at any time
      • Example:  Main Street between 1st and 2nd
    • Event date
    • Start and end time - must end by 11 p.m.
  • Provide a map detailing the area to be closed.  The map may be hand-drawn, but we prefer use of an online map program such as JaxGis or Google Maps
  • Petition demonstrating approval from at least 60% of residents/occupants within the closure area with a driveway/accessway fronting the street being closed.  The petition must show:
    • Written/typed name of person responding
    • Address being represented
    • Phone number
    • Signature (only one per address is permitted - including apartment buildings)
    • Signatures from the same address or from addresses outside the closure area will NOT be counted toward the 60% threshold
  • Block party closures are limited to residential streets only 
  • Only one block may be closed for a single event
  • Intersections must remain open at all times
  • Applicants MUST submit a petition showing at least 60 percent approval from the occupied residences within the closure limits
  • Applicants must provide proper barricades - no cones, sawhorses, ropes, or vehicles will be permitted as a substitute.  Barricade companies may be found in the phone book.
  • Event must be over by 11 p.m.
  • No alcohol is permitted on city property, such as roads or sidewalks
  • No loud music is allowed


All applications are PDF fillable forms - they may be completed directly on your computer.
Note:  Opening PDF files requires Adobe Reader, available for free from Adobe.


Recreational Event / Street Closure Information and Requirements (30k) *updated*

Public Works Request for Temporary Closing or Special Use of City Road (63k) *new*

Public Works Pavement Marking Agreement (32k) 

FDOT Temporary Closing of State Road Permit (48k)
*State permit form is required if closing any state-maintained roadways and/or locking down the Main Street or Ortega bridge drawspan.

Public Works provides permission for street closures for small-scale special events such as fundraising walks/runs, festivals, etc., where the total number of attendees - including workers, spectators and participants - is expected to be less than 500 people.

Events that are expected to have more than 500 people must be coordinated through the Office of Special Events.

You do not need special permission for events that meet the following conditions:
  • Held entirely on private property
  • Will not completely block vehicular traffic and/or access to homes or businesses
  • Do not require special traffic controls through barricades and/or police officers
  • Will use existing public facilities for their intended legal purpose (i.e., sidewalks)
  • Otherwise meet existing state and local laws
Even if your event does not require permission through Public Works, it is always a good idea notify the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office of your plans.  You may find your local station by using "My Neighborhood Search" on the city's GIS mapping site,

During its review of the closure request, Public Works will coordinate approvals with other government agencies as needed, such as the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, and the Florida Department of Transportation.  For this reason, applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event.

Because the Main Street and Ortega bridges have drawspans that move to allow for marine traffic, events involving one of those two bridges also require U.S. Coast Guard approval to lock down the drawspan.  For this reason, we request 45 days advanced notice for such events.

Failure to submit all required information may result in a delayed decision or denial of your application.  Please use the Recreational Event / Street Closure Information and Requirements (30k) as a checklist prior to submitting your application(s).

If you are unable to download and print the PDF packet, you may pick one up at the city's customer service office:

214 N. Hogan Street, 1st Floor
Jacksonville, FL  32202
Hours:  8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday

If you have questions or need additional assistance, contact the Public Works Director's Office at (904) 255-8786 or e-mail
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