Do you need respite care? Would you like to have temporary relief from caring for your homebound loved one? Do you need information about where to go for help with medical care, Personal care, or other services to help you care for your elderly loved one? The Independent Living Program can help.
About us
The Independent Living Program provides respite care services, volunteer support services, and educational /Service events too low and moderate-income homebound senior citizens 60 years of age and over, and their caregivers to prevent premature placement in a nursing home, elder abuse and Caregiver burnout. Companion/ sitter respite services are provided by low-moderate income   senior volunteers, 55 yrs. and older. Seniors who are unable to maintain their standard of Independence due to physical and mental health challenges can develop feelings of isolation and depression. The caring support our volunteers offer helps decrease these feelings. Our goal is to offer the senior an opportunity to maintain meaningful relationships with Peers and remain socially connected to their community. The volunteers are of the program are carefully screened, properly trained and supervised to Offer the highest quality of service possible.
In-home respite care
Caring for a loved one can be a rewarding yet physically and emotionally draining experience. If you are not taking time to care for yourself you May experience burnout and that could affect the care you provide to your loved one. If you are the primary caregiver of a frail senior and desire to have short breaks that will allow you to refresh and recharge, respite services are available. Through Our program, you may be able to receive 4 - 6 hours of respite services during the daytime, weekend and evening.
For seniors that are living with early stages of memory loss and/or beginning stages of Alzheimer's disease, we have a senior companion program that provides in-home one on one respite services. This program allows frail seniors with related dementia/ Alzheimer’s disease and opportunity to engage in meaningful activities while in their home that will enhance their quality of life.
Volunteer opportunities
Would you like to share your kindness, friendliness, and faith with homebound seniors? Want to stay active and involved in your local community? Interested in learning about senior related topics and resources that could help you and those caring for their elderly loved one?  This program may be for you. Give us a call to learn more about respite volunteering opportunities with us.
Training opportunities
To ensure our pool of volunteers are equipped with knowledge and tools that will lead to a rewarding volunteer experience, we  provide the following on-going training: orientation to the program, specialized training on appropriate respite services, job shadowing, monthly in-service trainings, seminars, volunteer recognition events, and a variety of workshops on issues of aging and caregiving.  
There is no fee for services however, donations are encouraged. Contact the office to learn more about the program eligibility guidelines.
Sponsorship and funding is provided by the ElderSource, Department of Elder Affairs, and a Community Development Block Grant with matching funds from the City of Jacksonville Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department, Senior Services Division.

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Program Manager
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Independent Living Program
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