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Florida Department of Revenue

DOR Value Adjustment Board website
DOR Value Adjustment Board Bulletins 
DOR Uniform Policies and Procedures Manual.pdf (823 KB)
DOR Other Legal Resources Including Statutory Criteria.pdf (1.50 MB)
DOR Reference Materials Including Guidelines.pdf (1.54 MB)

Florida Attorney General

Attorney General Opinions
Attorney General VAB Opinions
Government-in-the-Sunshine Manual

Florida Statutes

Florida Statutes, Chapter 192
Florida Statutes, Chapter 193 
Florida Statutes, Chapter 194
Florida Statutes, Chapter 195 
Florida Statutes, Chapter 196 
Florida Statutes, Chapter 197

Florida Administrative Code

Florida Adminsitrative Code, Rule Chapter 12D-9
Florida Administrative Code, Rule Chapter 12D-10
Florida Administrative Code, Rule Chapter 12D-16


Local Administrative Forms and Procedures

2014 VAB Year

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