Recently I completed the JSO Citizens Academy the fall class of 2008. I wish to commend officer Cindy Leavens for conducting an above the board first class Citizen Academy that kept everyone's interest at peak in every class we had. All the officers and personnel involved did a wonderful job of teaching the classes. What I have learned opens a lot of chances for discussion with my co-workers and friends, my family, kids and grandkids about JSO. I think the more citizens that could take this class the better. The police ARE the FENCE between law abiding citizens and the criminal element. I believe if the law abiding citizens of our city and the police would work hand in hand with trust in one another, Jacksonville could be one of the safest cities in the country. I think that it would be a good idea to expand your neighborhood police visiting program where people in all districts could get to know their officers in their precincts by your house to house visits not only in certain neighborhoods but in all neighborhoods. Where we live for example we do not know who are patrol officers are and my guess is a lot of people do not even know where their precincts office is. I am not telling you anything new, you know that Law abiding citizens the young kids, teenagers, middle age and elderly hear and see things. But who do they trust and who do they know to personally talk to. Now myself since completing the Academy I have joined the Shad co, something I did not know a lot about before taking the classes as I want to stay involved because my interest was boosted by going thru the Citizens Academy. Together the people and the police can do something about these lawbreakers, lets figure out a way to do it. I am also aware of our too politically correct judicial system that has a revolving door for habitual offenders. Its easy to see by checking out public records that too much of this is going on. I could go on and on about that, but I will stop. I am hoping Angela Corey will do something about that problem.

Again Thank All of You for What You Do!

Don and Debbie Choate