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The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office offers the Crime Free Multi-Housing Communities program, a crime reduction intiative for local apartment management companies in Jacksonville.

To become a member of Crime Free Multi-Housing Communities an apartment management company must go through a certification process. The certification process educates the apartment managers and residents about the requirements necessary to participate it the program. 

Certified Crime Free Communities*

"The Crime Free Multi-Housing program is unique in that its success depends on a strong partnership between the police, apartment managers and the tenants," said Sheriff John Rutherford. "This program has the potential to lower calls for service and greatly raise the quality of life in the apartment communities throughout Jacksonville," he said.

The foundation of the program's success is that residents sign a "Crime Free Lease Addendum" prior to moving in or renewing their lease. Under the terms of the Lease Addendum, tenants must agree not to participate in any illegal activity, nor allow others to conduct illegal activity in their residence. If the police respond to the tenant's residence and make an arrest, the management is immediately notified. Pursuant to the terms of the Addendum someone can be evicted for repeated or serious criminal activity. Once a tenant has been evicted from a "Crime Free Community," the tenant may not rent from ANY other apartment community participating in the Crime Free Multi-Housing Communities program.

Crime Free Multi-Housing was developed in Mesa, Arizona in 1992 to combat crime, drugs and gang activity the city was experiencing in many of its high density apartment communities. Since the program's inception it has spread to more than 40 other states.

For more information about enrolling your apartment community please contact your Zone


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