The Continuous Improvement Unit (CIU) is led by Renea Chandler and implements JSO's philosophy of constantly reviewing our professional environment for opportunities to eliminate waste, improve the work experience for JSO employees, and perfect our ability to add value to the services we provide our customers.

Continuous Improvement Unit

The CIU improvement techniques are derived from a combination of "Lean", "7S", and other management theories.

The basic principle of "Lean" is to continuously remove waste. Waste is anything that does not add value.

7S is a tool for workplace organization.

The JSO is also a member of the Jacksonville "Lean" Consortium. The Consortium consists of local businesses and organizations dedicated to operational excellence using the Lean standard of operation.

Additional Information:
In 2007, then Sheriff John Rutherford, was the keynote speaker at the annual Shingo Prize Conference for Operational Excellence hosted by Utah State University.
  • Please click here to watch Sheriff Rutherford's speech at the Shingo Prize Annual Conference in March 2007

For more information about the Continuous Improvement Unit please refer to pages 17-22 in the Sheriff's Office Department of Personnel and Professional Standards 2014 Annual Report to the Community*.

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