Responsive to the Community, Restorative in Character, and Responsible to our Commitments

Under the direction of Director Tammy Morris, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Department of Corrections is made up of certified corrections officers and civilian personnel. The corrections department encompasses three correctional facilities dedicated to the secure, humane, corrective and productive detention of individuals incarcerated in Duval County. Please click here to read the Mission and Vision of the Department of Corrections.

The department is comprised of the Jails Division, led by Chief Joel Carter, the Prisons Division, led by Chief Warren Calloway, and the Programs & Transitional Services Division, led by Chief George Pratt.

Director Tammy Morris
Director Tammy Morris
Department of Corrections

Chief Joel Carter Chief Warren Calloway Chief George Pratt
Chief Joel Carter
Jails Division
Chief Warren Calloway
Prisons Division
Chief George Pratt
Programs & Transitional Services Division


Inmates are housed in three facilities: Pre-Trial Detention Facility, Montgomery Correctional Center, and the Community Transition Center.

It is important to note that while the Department of Corrections does offer a wide variety of programs designated to bring about positive change in the lives of inmates, there are certain aspects (aside from the obvious one of having one's societal freedom denied) that are reminders that jail is not a place to be. The following policies differentiate a corrections setting in a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office facility from other detention facilities nationwide.

  1. Inmates are not served coffee while incarcerated.
  2. JSO does not provide television. However, an abundance of acceptable reading materials are available (no pornographic materials allowed).
  3. No smoking or other tobacco products are allowed.
  4. Inmates are afforded opportunities to exercise outside of their cells. However, they will not find weights or body building facilities.
  5. Sentenced inmates are put to work in a number of different areas: Some are assigned to housekeeping and maintenance in the corrections facility, some are assigned to supervised community work crews, cleaning public property and some are assigned to a chain gang where they work to clean our ditches and roadways.
  6. Each inmate is served a nutritious meal three times a day. These meals are planned by our in-house dietician. Inmates receive a bologna sandwich for their lunch, along with fruit. To ensure no religious edicts are compromised, we do not serve pork. 

Please click here to learn more about the Prison Rape Elimination Act.

More information on the Department of Corrections can be found by viewing the Sheriff's Office Department of Corrections 2016 Annual Report to the Community*.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Department of Corrections, please click here to fill out the online volunteer application form


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