Duval County Courthouse
Duval County Courthouse
Beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 31, 2015, all first appearance court proceedings will be at the J1 courtroom located at 500 E. Adams Street.

Duval County's new courthouse opened to the public in June of 2012. The 800,000 square foot building is secured by JSO baliffs assigned to the Courty Security Section. The Court Security Section is divided into two units, the Court Unit and the Corrections Unit.

Court Unit

The primary function of the Court Unit is to provide security for all courtrooms and the judges’ chambers. The unit also provides sworn uniformed bailiffs to monitor all entrances to the new Duval County Courthouse. Additionally, the sworn bailiffs affect arrests of judge’s orders, serve capiases and arrest warrants, and staff First Appearance Court at the Duval Detention Center seven days a week. The Court Unit also supervises the contract security officers who assist with security at all entrances to the courthouse.
The Court Liaison Office is a part of the Court Unit. It processes and maintains records concerning the filing of cases and depositions by on-duty and off-duty officers, along with their pre-trial and court appearances relating to their arrests.

Corrections Unit

The primary function of the Corrections Unit is to maintain security of all inmates from the sally port of the courthouse to the individual courtrooms, and their return back to the sally port. The unit is also responsible for managing juvenile court.