The Fugitive Unit is comprised of a lieutenant, a sergeant and nine detectives. The duties of the Fugitive Unit consist of returning wanted suspects who have been arrested in other jurisdictions to face outstanding local charges, transporting inmates for legal proceedings from one secure facility to another as directed by the courts, handling the extradition and rendition proceedings for fugitives arrested locally and in other jurisdictions, and serving writs of bodily attachment.

The Fugitive Unit travels approximately 270,000 miles a year returning fugitives and transporting subjects for the courts. The detectives are charged with the safe transportation of each of these inmates to protect the public and ensure the welfare of the inmate.

The extradition responsibilities of the Fugitive Unit handles all of the legal proceedings for the extradition and rendition of fugitives arrested locally and in other jurisdictions. The unit also acts as a liaison between various law enforcement agencies and the courts to ensure compliance with the law concerning the return of a fugitive.

In addition, the Fugitive Unit is responsible for serving writs of bodily attachment. These writs are civil orders to take an individual into custody for failure to follow the order of the court in civil cases.

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