The Jacksonville Re-entry Center (JREC) is committed to our community partners and offender service providers who work with us and provide guidance and oversight through their participation in monthly Jacksonville Area Discharge Enhancement meetings (JADE). JREC works cooperatively with law enforcement agencies, state attorneys, public defenders, health service providers, businesses and other agencies for referrals and customer services. In addition, the JREC coordinates the sharing of information among the participating agencies to facilitate the screening of and case processing for program referrals.

Fiscal Year Number of inmates released from Florida State Prison to Duval
2015-16 2,069
2014-15 2,020
2013-14 2,189
2012-13 2,279
2011-12 2,221
2010-11 2,163
2009-10 1,972


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Portal of Entry:  The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Department of Corrections will, in conjunction with participating agencies, operate a “Portal of Entry” whereby ex-offenders returning from local, state, or federal incarceration can be provided assistance for successful reentry into our community. The Jacksonville Re-entry Center serves as one arm of this re-entry portal, which serves as a one stop shop as much as possible for those returning to Duval County.

Dismas: The Dismas project is another arm of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office reentry initiative. This program is designed to address the needs of offenders that have been or are at risk of being involved in crimes of violence. These groups of offenders are addressed through Offender Notification Meetings that includes communicating a focused deterrence message to a targeted group of high-risk offenders at risk for gun crime. The message is communicated through a coordinated and aggressive law enforcement response to firearms violence, making offenders know they are more visible to police and the community. This group of ex-offenders will also be connected with necessary services to meet needs and provide alternatives to criminal involvement.

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Use the following links to locate more information about the State of Florida Department of Corrections, facilities, and state-wide re-entry programs and efforts.

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